10 Bestselling Cars In Kenya- Part 2

Even though there are several car brands in Kenya, these 10 cars have impressed most if not many. They are popular characterized by cost, speed and fuel consumption.

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Take a look at the most admired 10 cars in Kenya!

  1. Allion

Is ideal for office men with need for more seats as compared to other low class cars. Allion is cheap, on cost and fuel consumption. About sh.600,000

  1. Premio

It is a classy premio car, for someone who has already made it in life but economical on fuel needs such a car. It just needs maintenance and cleanliness . Make abudget of about 1.3 million shillings

  1. NZE

It is such a cool car, for those who won’t to reduce the monopoly of Toyota. Suitable for engineers. It is about sh.500,000


  1. Fielder

It has taken the market by storm, with better versions each and every year. Very small difference with Wish, Wish looking longer with its chassis. Cost is about sh.550,000

  1. Wish

Toyota wish likes to spoil their customers with choice, several series of wish and fielder differ in technology and capabilities. They both cost about sh.650,000

  1. Advan Nissan

This type of car is popular among the business men, who need a uniqueness value in times car design and Toyota. Valued at about sh.800,000

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