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10 Blogs Every Entrepreneur Should Read To Achieve Success

Being an entrepreneur is not easy, especially if you don’t have any previous experience. There are very interesting books on the subject that could give us very valuable knowledge about it.

However, they are usually quite extensive and reading them requires time, something that most entrepreneurs do not have.

Instead, reading specialized blog articles can be much more affordable. They are short articles, on specific topics and, often, based on the previous experience of other businessmen, so many of them provide invaluable value.

This article contains some of the best blogs for entrepreneurs. If you are an entrepreneur or you are thinking of starting your own business, sooner or later you should visit them.

These are the 10 blogs that every entrepreneur should read:

It should be noted that they are not classified in a specific order. All of them are interesting and worth a visit. Once you have looked through them you can decide for yourself, which ones can bring more value to your company.

1. Guy Kawasaki’s blog

Guy Kawasaki is a recognized specialist in the field of new technologies and marketing. He became well known already in the 80s, for his work with Apple.

Since then, he has developed numerous activities as an entrepreneur, writer, speaker and even venture capital investor in Silicon Valley.

Now, with more than 1.5 million followers on Linkedin and approaching this figure on Twitter, he is considered one of the most influential people in the world in terms of marketing, entrepreneurship, startups, innovation and business management. His blog “How to Change the World” contains a lot of interesting information that is very valuable for an entrepreneur. Without a doubt, it will be of great help.

2. Gary Vaynerchuk’s blog

The blog of Gary Vaynerchuck will be particularly inspiring for those with a family business. And in just five years, Vaynerchuck converted a family business dedicated to the wine business with a respectable income of 3 million dollars in a large company with revenues worth 60 million dollars.

In his personal blog, Vaynerchuck explains how he has achieved such business success and provides advice and brilliant contributions with everything he has learned along his path to success. In addition to his blog, his YouTube channel #AskGaryVeeShow can also be very useful, where he answers questions about marketing, social networks and entrepreneurship that users send him through Twitter.

3. Seth Godin’s blog

Seth Godin is a recognized expert in marketing and entrepreneurship with several bestsellers to his credit.

The articles in his blog are very short, but they always touch on a topic of great interest, hence they have become so popular. In them you will find numerous tips on very diverse business issues, from how to buy advertising, to the need to maintain high quality standards at all times. It is a must for any entrepreneur.

4. Smart Passive Income

It is a blog created by Pat Flynn, a specialist in online entrepreneurship and digital marketing, to help other entrepreneurs to launch their web projects. In it, Flynn gives numerous advice based on his own experience, presents real case studies and even openly publishes information about his own business strategies and revenues.

Along with his blog, his podcasts are also very interesting, in which in addition to providing a large amount of information based on his own experience, renowned guests participate in the business world. For something it is considered one of the best issues of business theme on iTunes.

5. Small Business Trends

Blog founded in 2003 by Anita Campbell and currently has more than 6 million readers a year.

Due to the more than 10 years that it has been online, the enormous volume of articles it offers and the wide variety of aspects that it covers, make it possible to consult in virtually any doubt and make it one of the best blogs for entrepreneurs.

6. Duct Tape Marketing

This blog, founded by John Jantsch, has established itself as one of the best marketing blogs.

 It includes numerous resources, including several free specialized courses, a library of electronic books on different topics of interest for entrepreneurs and entrepreneurs who want to achieve success in their business, a list of useful tools for business management and a podcast channel in which John talks about marketing, business success and business opportunities with some of the most influential people in the business world.

7. Women in Business

The genius of this blog is that it provides an approach, which most other blogs specialized in entrepreneurship lack: that of women entrepreneurs. Founded in 2007 by Susan Gunelius, this blog has become a worldwide reference for any enterprising woman.

8. Copy Blogger

This blog, founded by Brian Clark in 2006, has been described as the Bible of content marketing and since its creation it has not stopped growing as a company, both in terms of staff and income. With his articles you will learn to create valuable content that captures the attention of Internet users, brings traffic to your website and helps your company grow.

And the best proof that they know what they are talking about is their own results, considering that they have already reached an annual income figure of no more than or less than 8 digits. In addition, they have a Content Marketing training program that, once completed, accredits you as a certified content marketing specialist.

9. The Entrepreneurs Library

If you are one of those who prefer books, this blog, created by Wade Danielson, is the ideal place to discover new readings. In it you will find information on countless books of interest for any entrepreneur, as well as classes on business and business topics and podcasts.

10. Founders & Tips

Created by the entrepreneur of and, Marc Noguera, Founders & Tips offers more than 100 interviews of successful entrepreneurs, in which they share their experiences and explain how they managed to get where they are.

It also includes a guide for entrepreneurship in the US. , interesting for all those who want to try their luck in the mecca of entrepreneurship.

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