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10 Books You Have To Read Before Watching The Movie Based On Them

Many are the books that have been brought to the big screen, and if you love books, you have to do them justice, YVK recommends 10 books that you have to read before you venture to see the movie.

1. The Hunger Games (Trilogy)

With millions of followers who are stuck to the half waiting for the advances that come to account-drops. It is true that Jennifer Lawrence is an excellent actress and she does it very well, but before enjoying these characters on the screen, do it in your imagination.

2. Anna Karenina

Since in 1877 was this impressive book you have given to make several movies, and is that with such a book is impossible to make a movie; Although if you want to live this story, nothing better than reading it.

3. Under the same star

John Green manages to make a cry and laugh with Gus and Hazel, those of you who have seen the movie will agree with me; those who have read the book, more.

So I recommend you go in order, the book first! 4. 50 shades of Gray: With these we have the advantage of not being able to see the movie yet, so to get there now !!

The author of this trilogy makes many people dream and has broken many barriers in terms of sexuality. We’ll see if the movie of some books with so many followers fulfills expectations. For the moment to read!

5. The Great Gatsby:

That also has already some years (published for the first time in 1925) is not necessary to miss any detail of the writer.

6. Memories of a Geisha

When it is the imagination that is responsible for setting the stage and face of the characters, they acquire that magic that can not even give us the best film. And this film, especially the ending is, to my taste, too far from the book.

7. Wild soul

I still can not say anything about this movie, and even if you do not believe I hope it will surprise me in a positive way, since it will be released in Spain next year. The book of course, recommended from start to finish.

8. Noah’s diary

Although I feel a weakness for this actor, I have admitted I would not change the book even if I could see the movie next to Ryan Gosling. So to enjoy, yes, this time I will leave the protagonist with the face of the actor 😀

9. Love in the time of cholera

Great decision by García Márquez not to make a version on the big screen of “One Hundred Years of Solitude” because if watching this movie I suffered, and not in the way you would expect as a base book

SO good, I do not even want to imagine what they would have done with that. So if you have seen the movie and you have failed asleep, do not predispose and read the book, you will not regret it.

10. The best of me

Nicholas Sparks (not coincidentally I have two books of his on this list) is famous and not for nothing, and this film that premiered in October in the United States does not give time, to which we are more readers than moviegoers, to read the book before watching the movie.

My list is quasi-interminable with respect to this subject, because I am one of those who think that nothing is better than the imagination to invent the impossible, and no better tool to give free rein to the imagination than my beloved BOOKS

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