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10 Books That You Have To Read And Enjoy Before You Die

Hi again, today I want to start with a list of books that in my opinion, nobody should stop reading in life. I know there are many, so I’ll start with 10 and these are the ones of today:

10 books you have to read before you die:

Essay on blindness

José Saramago is a great literature and you have earned it to pulse, for my taste his best book is this.

For many it may be hard to bare the instincts that human beings can demonstrate in extreme moments, without a doubt they have to read it.

Doll house

Many women have felt this way throughout their lives, as part of the furniture of their homes, that is what this interesting book tells us about when it was published. Henrik Ibsen is also on this list.

Maids and ladies

The story that tells us Kathryn Stokett is quite revealing about the life and views of these characters in the 60’s, the abysmal differences that the trade and skin color determined, and that incredible as it seems is still living In many parts of the world.

What the wind took

Call me romantic, yes I am guilty, but I could read the book and see the movie a hundred times and enjoy them like the first. A classic earned with honors is also on my list.

Little women

No one is indifferent to this group of sisters so different and yet so united, their sufferings and adventures, while waiting for the return of their father are endearing.

The thousand and one nights

The charm of this book can not be ignored by anyone, at some point we get to know at least one of the stories that this book tells us, so if you want to know all I invite you to what read

The name of the Rose

Umberto Eco tells us that it’s a story that captures us from the beginning, in a unique scenario and therefore more interesting, another classic that will not bore you.

The perfume

The story of this character masterfully written by Patrick Süskind, who has a gift that makes him different and takes him to unimaginable limits keeps us expectant and leads us to feel, smell and live beyond our experiences.

The party of the Goat

The books that talk about politics to many make us think of boredom, but this book that more politicians talk about transition is undoubtedly to gem of Mario Vargas Llosa to read

Madame Bovary

Many of these classics, like everything that breaks with schemes have been branded immoral or inappropriate, and this book is no exception, the story that Gustave Flaubert tells us about the life of Emma Bovary is undoubtedly a classic and of the best.

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