10 Business In Kenya You Are Likely To Be Conned

Are you planning to invest in any business within the Nairobi city, we want to draw for you a red line so that you just take much needed caution while going about the business.

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This is because the below opportunities are widely infiltrated by con artists due to their nature and vulnerability to con you.

Have a look below


If you are planning to buy a house or a piece of land, you must be willing to kiss frogs before you land on a real property dealer.

Always do enough research and involve lawyers at all levels and coast

2.Job searching

Are you searching for a job? Then you are a good point of conmen. They take advantage of your hopelessness and con you. Remember not to dish out money at all cost

3.Buying Car

Those who are going to buy a car, should buy it from a genuine registered dealer to avoid burning their fingers. If you do not do so, you will end up buying a stolen car which will later be impounded, or the seller will vanish in the thin air


Do not ever pay for a bribe so as to hasten and skip the normal bureaucratic procedures. Bribing is illegal ad even if you bribe, the bribed will not yet help you


Money saving and loaning saccos are at a boom, do not just ever join without clear knowledge. Saccos have conned so many Kenyans who overlooked crucial details


Insurance firms are some of the legalised con men who are taking Kenyans hard earned money. Always read the terms and conditions in detail


Electronics such as phones and computers are good targets of the thugs, they either sell low standard or con your money and flee away. This also applies to computers such as laptops

8.Child Birth

If you do not take care when you are giving birth, your kids will be stolen. Be in accompany of a relative who can be watchful


If you are an upcoming politicians and you want to get favors and your job done, look at your cicles and dish money to your trustees only


Buying licenses through back-door calls for a good breeding ground of conmen.

Get them from relevant authorities

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