10 Celeb Couples Who Look Like Siblings

In our Kenyan society, our tradition allows us to marry from different families which are totally unrelated.

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But there are these celeb couples who look almost a like , sister and brother married together.

It is the wish of every one who is still single to get such a perfect matching, that partner who look more less of a brother or a sister.

We focus on the lucky celebs who got their perfect matching ‘brother’ or ‘sister’ so far, they are very few as you guessed it .

6. Kathy Kiuna And Allan Kiuna

What a success they have had at Jubilee Christian Church. Bishop Allan and Rev.Kathy look like big bro and Siz

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7. Chipukeezy and Vivian

A comedian that found such a lost sister. Wish happy life for them

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8. Redsun And Wahu

These singers are just happy lovers. But don’t they look like bro and siz

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9.Janet Mbugua and Ndichu

Business Man Ndichu seems to have found a sister at Citzen Tv and married her even though they are not related, they look like perfect relatives.

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10.Nick Mutuma and Girlfriend

A stunning model Nick has a white sister, not the real sister even though they are still lovers

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