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Commitments To Entrepreneurs Success

If there were once the 10 Commandments of Moses, I would like to invite you for this re-entry to make the  Commitments of your Development, both of your change and of your company. Make your vows and make your games. Throw the idea and roll the dice!

Make your vows and make your games

More than a resolution, a “commitment” is defined as “an act by which one undertakes to accomplish something”. There is talk of “making a commitment” or “honoring one’s commitments. “This is a real commitment made with you for your future and not just a vague wish. However, these are commitments made with yourself and which can also be rolling and fluctuating commitments according to your desires and your needs. Finally, “commitments” are often referred to as “SMART” objectives: Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic and Temporal.

A blank sheet and 10 dreams to accomplish

Now take a blank sheet and list the 10 things you would like to achieve in the year and which you will try to prioritize in your life as a course and a horizon to reach both for the company of your life and to bring you closer to your “dream life”. Here is a plot for the 10 Commitments of your development towards the success that I propose to you in the company of your life, at the same time in a balanced, ambitious and calmed way:

3 firm and priority commitments in SMART mode
3 dreams open in the field of possibilities, without limit and without obligation of result
3 things to do no more, that you did again the year before (mistakes to no longer commit or habits to lose)
1 bonus in free life mode and pure happiness for you

This list can consist of a quest for meaning, training in new practices, reaching levels of CA for your business, signing new contracts or partnerships, recruiting or developing new talent, financial health you desire , an activity, a sport or an art to master or even to sublimate, an exit of your zone of comfort to discover your “magic”, the publication of a book, the realization of an initiatory journey, the learning of a language, peaceful communication with others, networking surprises, happiness in your work, taking care of oneself and others, such as your employees, trying new ones (outlets), reaching a new market, the positive societal impact of your actions, challenge each month, etc., all that stimulates you to progress and progress in your time.

It is the madmen who change the world ….

“Your second life begins when you realize you have only one,” said Confucius. So be in motion, celebrate every little step as an accomplished success, every achievable goal achieved, every achievable dream realized! It is the fools who have always changed the world, ask Christopher Columbus or Leonardo da Vinci how he created the Mona Lisa: at the end of the dream. The real madness is “to always do the same thing and to expect a different outcome,” Einstein said. So do not hesitate to change method to evolve beyond status quo, rotate and even change cycle. Everything starts from dream and nothing happens except in action, become this year as much a dreamer as a doer, a committed actor of your change!

The world needs it and so that everyone can find its place, enter your area of ​​talents, your “G-enial Point” and develop your full potential to spread your wings. Goethe said “whatever you dream of undertaking, begin it.” Boldness has genius, power and magic. So DARE to embark on this journey for a new year, filled with success, surprises and learning. It’s up to you to write your future with the drive for success on the horizon. Make this year, a remarkable year, a memorable year …



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