10 Conversation Topics To Liven Up A Long Hour Trip

If you are travelling for long haul hours either via road, ship, train or plane, these topics would help liven up conversation with your neighbour or fellow passanger.

10 conversations to travel without getting bored

If it makes you nervous not to control the situation, to think that there are going to be uncomfortable silences or how you are going to take so many hours of travel

Quiet! These topics can be of great help. Keep them in mind to take them out in the car and you will have everything under control.

1 fate

The first thing, faster and sure to speak during the journey is the destination you are going to. It is very likely that it is the same or very close so a good conversation can come given to know what unites that person with his destiny: Will he see the family? Do you have a boyfriend there? Are you going to a festival? Is it the first time you visit it?

From here they can derive many other themes. For example, if it is the first time you visit it, you can take the opportunity to give some recommendations about the place (if you know it). Or if, on the contrary, it is you who is the first to ask for all the advice that you can think of .

Surely, from there, the conversation flows in the most natural way possible.

2 Latest news about the destination

Suppose one more situation: all of you happen to be going to the same destination and have visited it a few times. Come on, you don’t need anyone to tell you what to see. Well don’t worry! There will always be the latest news or news to talk about where you are going. For example, you can say the following: “I have read that they will bring the exhibition X next month.” This will also help you keep up to date with news

3 The music

It is important that you keep in mind that silences do not have to be uncomfortable. If you can’t think of what to talk about and you feel uncomfortable with silence, you can ask if you can play music. This is a good way to liven up the trip and get new conversation topics.

“Have you been to this singer’s concert? It’s awesome!” Songs, singers, concerts . And you can even ask what kind of music they like best. Take the opportunity to tell your experiences at festivals and last concerts.

4 The use of the route

Another issue that can help you have an interesting conversation is to ask about how long they have been traveling this way. Thus, you can meet people who have been using the route for a long time and have known everything in their travels. Look, it can even be fun to hear such anecdotes!

5 Next Destinations

For example, ask what is the longest flight they have made or (you can invent it or make it true) ask about interesting destinations because you are planning your next trip.

Sharing your own experiences will always help others do the same with theirs.

6 The weather

It is a typical conversation of an elevator ride but the truth is that it usually gives enough of itself. If you have no idea what the weather is going to do at your destination (badly on your part because you should have looked at it before you travel) you can ask how it is going to be done or just the horrible heat or cold that these Days are doing.

Take the opportunity to tell a funny situation that happened to you with very cold or very hot but remember that forcing the conversation is not good either.

7 What do they do?

Another of the issues you can give for long is what each of the people are dedicated to. Thus, you can discover that the world is a handkerchief and possibly (especially if you also come from the same place of origin) you have someone in common.

In addition, talking with people who work in different fields allows you to learn a lot, ask questions, inform yourself … You can open your mind a lot for different topics.

8 Movies and premieres

Take advantage of a radio ad or something you see on your social networks to talk about a new movie or a premiere of a play or song can come in handy.

Take the opportunity to ask for recommendations, give your opinion on the latest movies you’ve seen and a long etcetera. Will you give? Surely, in addition, you can discover some recommendation to make in your leisure time.

9 Latest gossips and anecdotes

At this point we refer to the wedding of some celebs, the last blunder of an influencer, the breakup of this Hollywood star with this other . You can also tell anecdotes that have happened to you or told you about celebrities on television.

This will make the trip more enjoyable and, surely, full of laughter. But, yes, it is possible that your travel companions do not want to enter this topic because they are not very followers of the pink press. Quiet! You will notice right away.

10 Caring with .

At this point we must also warn you about the issues that are best not to bring up. Although they are well known, we must remind you.

Avoid issues of economy, politics and religion. If a healthy debate is created with different argued opinions, it is true that it can be interesting.

However, as people are very different and we do not know how the one we carry next to certain issues will react, it is better not to screw up. Nobody assures you that a climate of tension will not be created that will make a peaceful journey a real awkward hell. Do not risk it!

With these topics of conversation, you will find the most comfortable on the trip, nothing will go wrong and you will take experiences and anecdotes of others in your backpack. Good trip!

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