10 Easy Business Ideas With Little Capital Comrades Can Source Cash For Survivals

For those who are in campus, we have attempted to compile a list of business ideas that you can implement at the university while still a student at campus. Life in campus can be tight, busy and very challenging but at the same time, it can be enjoyable and fun filled and full of free time.


These business ideas are simple, do not require much space and some of them require very little capital. However, this does not mean that they are easy. Just like any other businesses, these ideas will require market research and very good marketing skills. You have to carry out a proper survey in the campus at which you intend to set up  your business before launching.

Your target market will primarily be your fellow campus students therefore ensure that you set up marketing and advertising models and efforts that are fully compatible with the students and their lifestyles.

1.Mobile Phones and Accessories

Students, just like other young people love the latest mobile phones and their accessories. Most young people have the latest mobile phones and will not hesitate to buy new models as they come up. Great phone models, especially smart phones, sell themselves among the youth.

You can either choose to import the phones online directly or buy from wholesalers and sell at retail prices to the students. Other phone accessories such as earphones, batteries, memory cards, phone covers, power banks, chargers, usb cables etc are extremely popular among students. If you include these accessories in your stock, you will attract more buyers. The good thing with this business is that you can do it from your room.

Budget: Minimum capital Ksh100,000

  1. Secondhand Clothes

Students love fashion. They enjoy buying clothes, especially those they can easily afford. You can go down to Gikomba market and select some good clothes depending on your budget.

To add value to the clothes, you can wash and iron them to attract more customers and charge slightly more to increase your profit margin. This business will require regular trips to restock with better and more unique selection so be ready to make several trips depending also on your sales.

A good idea is to talk to students and take their “orders” before you go to Gikomba. If you don’t have what someone wants, be free to ask them what they would like so that next time you go to Gikomba, you can look for it.

Apart from clothes, you can also include items such as belts, shoes, socks, bras, caps, bed sheets etc. You can easily carry out this business from your room.

Budget: Minimum capital Ksh10,000

  1. Movies and Music

Students watch a lot of movies and listen to music a lot too. You can start selling movies and music in campus. With a good DVD burner and screen, you can buy several movies for as low as Ksh40 each and duplicate and sell to students. In addition, you can also include services such as borrowing and exchanging movies at a small fee.

You can also look for selected latest music and load to students in flash discs or burn on DVDs at a fee. As long as you have a big memory space, you can save hundreds of music titles and distribute to other students. This business can also be carried out from your room since it does not require a big space.

Budget: Minimum capital Ksh100,000

  1. Mpesa Services

For those who can get an Mpesa line, this is a good business to engage in. The problem has been availability of reliable Mpesa lines. Many are given out at a fee and sometimes the fee is exorbitant. Those who give out the lines are also not very easily accessible.

An advantage of this business is that you can carry it out from anywhere as long as there is demand. In many campuses, mpesa services are always on demand anyway, therefore you will be assured of customers all the time.

The trick with this business is to always have enough float. This will make your business more reliable and help you attract more customers.

Budget: Minimum capital Ksh50,000

  1. Photocopy and Typesetting Services

There are loads and loads of paper work in all campuses. Assignments, notes, books, handouts, projects and other documents are typed and copied all the time.

There is a good opportunity to set up a photocopy and typesetting business in or near campus and get good returns. The only major challenge here is that you will need to employ an assistant to operate the business while you are in class. The business will also require a bigger space and higher capital since you will need a photocopying machine, a computer, printer and a stock of photocopy papers.

Budget: Minimum capital Ksh100,000

  1. Government Tenders

The national Government of Kenya and county governments have reserved some tenders for companies and businesses run by the youth. As a university student, this is a good opportunity to sell goods and services to the government.

There are requirements for you to fully participate in these tenders. Some of the requirements are spelt out on tender documents while some are not. If you are interested, please visit the Treasury to inquire more about engaging in these tenders.

Budget: Minimum capital Ksh100,000

  1. Stationery

A campus being an educational institution, there is great demand for stationery items such as writing pads, notes books, exercise books, pens, rulers, envelopes, printing paper and erasers.

These stationery items are easily available from wholesalers in major towns. You can buy them in bulk at wholesale prices and resell to students within the campus.

The only disadvantage with this business is that some of the items may be bulky, heavy and may occupy a little more space.

Budget: Minimum capital Ksh100,000

  1. Electronics and Accessories

Apart from mobile phones, students love other electronics and their accessories. Items such as music systems, TVs, DVD players, decoders, iron boxes, flash discs, DVDs, CDs, heaters and others are popular with campus students.

You can buy these as well from wholesalers or even import directly and sell to students in campus. Some of them may occupy more space and it will depend on your assessment of demand to decide which ones to buy for resale.

The capital required for this business may be high.

Budget: Minimum capital Ksh150,000

  1. Food Stuffs

We all know food sells, especially when it is well made and packaged. You can make selected foods and snacks such as cakes, mandazi, samosa, chapati and others or buy sweets, cakes, biscuits, juices from wholesalers and sell to other campus students.

Packaging and the way the food is presented is very important. Remember that you will get stiff competition from the student dining hall since some of these food stuffs are sold there and may be cheaper.

Budget: Minimum capital Ksh50,000

  1. Tutoring and Coaching

You may be very good at something such as a subject in class, in sports or even have a talent such as playing a musical instrument, dancing or singing. You can teach other campus students and charge a fee for your efforts.

The moment other students get to know that you are an expert in your field, those interested in that field will seek you out. Help them learn and make money. If it is a subject in class, just coach them to do their assignment and pass examination but do not do  for them.

This business will require little or nothing in terms of capital to start. However, you may choose to invest in some tools depending on what you are coaching or teaching.

Budget: Minimum capital Nil

In all of these businesses, you can also include an online presence to reach more customers. This may include setting up a free blog, using Facebook, twitter or Instagram. This will help you market, advertise and engage with your customers better.

Finally, as you engage in any of these businesses, remember that your studies come first. The moment the business interferes with your studies, then it will do more harm than good to your future. Your primary aim of being in campus is to study and pass your examinations and get a qualification. Business comes a distant second.


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