10 Essential Signs Of Love You Need From Your Partner

A relationship is not a test that you have to pass with a note and in which you always have to be pressured to show love.

If it doesn’t come naturally, don’t insist, because maybe it’s not love. What is certain is that, without demands, there are some signs of love that you need from your partner. And if you don’t show them on your own initiative, it’s time to rethink your relationship.

There are signs of love you need from your partner, yes

You don’t need your partner to show you his love with expensive gifts, you don’t need a diamond ring and a hand request in Paris. You also don’t need your partner to give up their dreams for love, but there are some signs of love that you do need.

1. Listening is a sign of love

That your partner listens to you, with attention and taking into account and valuing what you say is a sign of love, especially because it is one of the actions that makes communication possible as a couple.

2. Say I love you as a sign of love

That I say “I love you” every day does not necessarily prove that it is true. There are a thousand ways of saying the same thing without words, with gestures, or with actions, which are much more credible.

3. Talking is also a sign of love

May I listen to you and speak to you. You need your partner to dare to talk about everything with you, especially his feelings, how he sees the relationship and what he expects of it. A communication without interference or forbidden subjects is necessary in any couple.

4. Surprises as proof of love

It is common to get carried away by inertia and allow the routine to be installed in your relationship. If your partner strives to surprise you from time to time it is a great show of love.

5. Passion as a sign of love

Not all loves are passionate at all times, there are times when the desire vanishes. But it has to be something temporary. So if your partner shows you his desire every day, it is also a sign of love.

6. Respect, the best sign of love

There is no love if there is no respect, that is clear. So you also need your partner to respect you, to respect your way of being, your tastes, your hobbies, to respect your people.

7. Friendship as a sign of love

One of the best signs of love is friendship. A couple who, in addition to boyfriends, are friends have all the guarantees they can have to form a happy couple and have a future together.

8. Laughter as a sign of love

Laughter is also love, as well as medicine. They say the couple that laughs together stays together, so yes, you need a few laughs with your partner.

9. We and love

Maintaining an independent plot of life and without needing to be a Siamese couple, one of the clearest signs of love is when your partner says “we” in a sentence. That means he has you in his life.

10. The love in your hands

And what about your hands? Love is shaking hands with each other, not only in bad times, but also in those magical moments that reinforce your love story.

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