10 Famous Lingala Musicians Who Were Swallowed By Lang’ata Soil

If you happen to visit a section of Nairobi known as Lang’ata. there is one phenomena that captures the attention of everyone.

Whether you are a kid, rich, poor or even a dreaded city robber, Lang’ata cemetery will humble you and send one back to their memory lane.

This is because we all know that death does not discriminate anyone, so are the Congolese musicians who lived in Nairobi during their hey days

It is reported that more than 27 of them are buried right under the unforgiving soil and unfortunately still eating from of them still living in Nairobi.

Congo nationals opt to bury their dead in Nairobi rather than transporting the remain to Congo where it could cost as much as Ksh.700,000

1.Apar Bebe – Bilenge Musica (founder).

2.Bejos – Samba Mapangala’s Virunga

3.Vieux Mombasa -Virunga

4.Ferroz – Chakatumba

5.Jeanot Makoto Ngosi- Rhumba Japan

6.Odilo Kayeye Poison aka Sauti Kubwa

7.Koyo Ngonda – of General Defao band/Rhumba Japan

8.Dancer Gaugau

9.Gina Monganza

10.Baba Gaston

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