10. Famous Pioneers Of Gengestone Music Genre In Kenya

Gengestone is one of the fresh music genre in Kenya which was born around 2017 but shot to light at the beginning of 2018.

The genre borrows largely from Kenya’s genge genre and an inspiration from Jamaican dance-hall music genre.

The music basically uses vulgar languages, teenagers , sexual scenes and girls twerking and grinding buttocks on young boys.

It is a genre that has gained popularity despite their hash criticism on their sexual explicit contents.

The singers are also slum dwellers of Nairobi.


The group comes from Kayole slum characterized by violence and robberies. They shot to fame with their popular song ”Lamba Lolo’ then followed, New Position, Instagram, Saba, Pandana among others.

Those 5 songs have stroke more than 6 million combined views over a span of two years only.

The group comprises of Rekles, Swat, Zilla and Seska as key members


Ochunglo are arguably the second most popular group to Ethics when it comes to Gengestone popularity in Kenya.

They are famed for their hit song Krimino, lifted from the famous ‘hii ni criminal’ Nairobi MCA political cry when she was sprayed by pepper into her eyes by Speaker Beatrice Elachi.

Another hits done by Ochunglo include Bora Uhai, Thutha, Na Iwake and its remix.

Their songs have combined You Tube views of more than 1 million.

Na Iwake was played by BBC 1Xtra in the UK

3.Rico Gang

They made entrance into this music genre with Dance It Up which only got about 20,000 views on You Tube, but their breakthrough came with F**k Boy has over 800,000 views on their You Tube account.

They have a collabo with Ochunglo family with a song dubbed Chachisha

4.Boondocks Gang

Just as their name suggests, these group of teens nearly were swallowed into a criminal gang, but this type of genre helped them so much.

The group is made up of Exray, Maddox and Furnace. Their songs lyrics majorly talks about bhang, sex and violence.

Rieng, their hit gave them about 350K views on You Tube but the good is yet to come from the young boys .

Boondocks is a sheng word which loosely means slum, hood or ghetto

5.Team Kata Tenje

Kata Tenje is a sheng word that means a phone. Kata Tenje could mean something like disconnect a call.

Also known as Pyscho, the group is made up of key members such as Francis Juma-the manager, Rockcil – video director and singers Joseph Juma aka Joseph Hill, Ian Njiite aka Iano Mabling and Kelvin Nduati aka Nduati.

The group from Kangemi slum grew up as young music boys who did about 6 known music songs.

Their best known popular song Kata Tenje made them creep into Kenyan music industry .

6.Team Ganji 254 entertainment

They come from Umoja estate in Nairobi, Ganji means bhang.

Their hit song Pana Tambua Lawama which has more than 250K views, they talk about how they break laws and create disorder without minding about the police force

8.G- Rock Music

Their top song is Ma**ko which received huge criticism. And worked in their favor, other than this they have other songs such as Gikomba which has fairly 60K views.

9. Mob K

They are famed for their hit song Kipara Ngoto which gave them about 250K views.

These group also claims to be a gospel band


Unlike the rest, the Adf are already rewriting the Gengestone music genre with their new subgenre dubbed Shrap.

Shrap means ‘sheng, trap and pop’ music all in one package.

The brains behind the genre includes Alliance Domini Family, ADF made up by K-Green, Boutross, Dope I-Mean and their manager Musau.

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