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10 First Red Flags You Should Notice When You Watch The Tinder Swindler

Netflix latest Document Film dubbed The Tinder Swindler has become such a viral piece of art filled with the realms of todays social media platforms.

The film is entertaining and scaring in equal measure, this is because the film goes behind a conman who would scout for rich girls on Tinder, only to con them their hard earn millions.

Known as Simon Leviev ( Not his real name) manages to con a number of girls camouflaging a a son of a billionaire.

The story is told by three female victims, who reveal their heartbreaking encounter with the said Simon



Before reading the first red flags we spotted on the Film, you should watch the movie first.

10 First Red Flags You Should Notice When You Watch The Tinder Swindler

A billionaire on Tinder

Tinder is a dating up, with all the fame and billions of cash, a billionaire resorted to Tinder to find a woman, it was a lie

A Single Billionaire

Well, as much as love is hard to find, a billionaire should not be that desperate to go online in search of a lover, it was a clear read flag

No Next Of Kin

When Simon always ran into a money emergency, he never called his rich parents or family members, neither his rich friends. He always went for desperate girls hoping to find love

Suspicious Urgency

How immediately they matched, he quickly got in touch saying he had a business flight and if they could meet up quickly for the first date. That sense of “hurriedness” or “urgency”is always a red flag

Phone Addict Billionaire

A billionaire having so much free time to text morning and night. Simon’s character is revealed as someone addicted to his phone as even when he is with his victims

Proving himself to be rich

Victims described Simon as a person who liked to buy expensive designer clothes, shoes, expensive watch. Besides buying almost everything on the Menu

An Insecure Billionaire

At one point, he confesses to one of the victims, that he was actually very insecure and that his enemies were after him. Sounds right but Simon had a bodyguard, and could easily call on police but nor his newly found girlfriend

Billionaire arrested in South Africa

Billionaire being arrested in South Africa was another shouting red flag, when you watch the documentary keenly.

A Homeless King

No victim actually tried to ask Simon about his home, either way, he tried to evade the question, and would stay large in planes and fancy hotels.

Agreed to sale his designer clothes

When Ayleen asked him to sell some of his expensive clothes so as to raise more money, he quickly agreed. Which billionaire would sell off his personal belongings so as to off set bills ?

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