10 Hilarious Kenyan Jobs Which Can’t Find Suitable Employee

Kenyans are one of the most hilarious Africans on the continent.

And amazing enough, every seems to have perfected their own art.

One Kenyan even opined that Kenya’s second name should be comedy, and true to his thought, here some of the hilarious jobs you will come across in Kenya


2.Fat or Chabby applicants

3.Slay Queens

4.Twerks wanted

Several dance and road show events have been targetting twerk dancers. Even clubs also have been up for Twerk dancers calling for their CVs.

One wonders how such CVs and application letter are done

5.Wine Tasters

6.Corruption Attendants

7.Modelling girls wanted- Payment is food

Sauti Sol had to cancel a deal with one of their partners after they realized that models who were to appear with them in same video and photos were to be paid with only ‘food and drinks’.

Sauti Sol condemned the organizers and cut short their contract immediately


If you looking for bouncers then Nairobi got you covered with a number of weight lifters who double up as bouncers or private body guard

9.Pet sitters


There exists several night clubs which operate illegal stripper business with naked ladies dancing around in Nairobi .

With this kind of job, how do you convince your relatives and close family members that you earn a living via this means?



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