10 Hilarious Thoughtful Quotes From Stivo Simple Boy

Mihadarati’s hit maker Stivo Simple Boy is so refreshing when it comes to having hilarious quotes.

A quick check at his account on Twitter, reveals somebody who have strong thoughts about life.

Even though his quotes are hilarious, they carry and delivery strong meanings.

Here are some of his 10 best quotes

  1. Everyone is beautiful in their own way because God makes no mistakes.
  2. Ogopa Mungu, Njaa na serikali
  3. Before you go to her inbox, look at her and look at yourself… Make sure it makes sense
  4. How comes these world’s richest people the likes of Jeff Bezos,warren Buffet,Bernard Arnault,Amancio Ortega,Larry Ellison divorced their wives. Is divorce relative to Richness?
  5. Saa hii ukiambiwa uandike formulae ya ethylpropanoate ndio corona iishe..si utatuua tu
  6. Mr President Please Keep Extending The Lockdown Days Till Side Chicks Understand That Dating A Married Man Is A Sin
  7. Dear bros, the shorter the skirt, the shorter the relationship
  8. If the earth is round,why does the ocean or lake water not pour down like pwaaaah and irrigate savanah desert.
  9. Mbona ng’ombe ya 40,000 inalala nje ilhali kuku ya 500 inalala ndani ya nyumba?
  10. Joho’s papers needs to be remarked.Huenda ikawa examiner alikuwa na grudge na yeye enzi hizo.This guy is too clever!!

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