10 Important Rules To Remember In Your Life

It is undeniable that in life, there is no any particular formula we can follow to lead the kind of life we desire because life itself is a specific exam paper that has been set for everyone.

Even copying anyone will not guarantee you any achievement, however we can have basic guidelines and instructions that can lead us to a better life.

These 10 rules serve best as a bench mark and a bridge to getting your own formula and living a life that would be desired most.

1.Do not brag about how much money you make

2.Never interrupt a conversation just to make your point

3.Do not force your guests to eat more just because you spent a lot of time cooking it.

  1. Do not keep looking at your watch while someone is talking to you.

5.Insead of mocking someone for their impaired verbs, try and correct them politely.

6.When someone shows you something on their phone, see and give it back instead of scanning the entire phone.

7.Staring at someone because you find them attractive is just creepy. If you want to, go up and say a hello instead.

8.Have the habit of saying thank you and sorry whenever required.

9.Do not talk on speaker whenever you are in public

10.Always remember to treat people equally

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