10 Interesting Facts You Didn’t Know About Tiktok Wizard Azziad

Aziad did not just suddenly rise to fame recently, she has been in the news and here is why.

To understand her old fame, we look at some of the interesting facts you didn’t know about Azziad who recently shot to ‘overnight’ amazing fame with her no-borne waist dancing skills.

  1. Azziad aka Azziad Nasenya is a 19 year old media student born in 2001 and currently studying in Kenya
  2. It is not her first time to fame, surely the ‘Utawezana’ video challenge only catapulted her into sudden fame.
  3. She started a Tiktok channel in August 2019 and within a short period she had over 2.1 million views
  4. About six months later , Azziad’s Tiktok account was verified in February 2020. Tiktok is a popular Chinese video-sharing social networking service.
  5. Azziad commands a Twitter account of more than 52K followers and atleast 120K Instagram followers
  6. Azziad literally blew the world away with #UtawezanaChallenge, a challenge born out of Mejja and Femi One’s raunchy single Utawezana.
  7. Consequently she attracted social media bullies especially on Twitter with many accusing her of using excessive filters on her skin tone
  8. Azziad works as a theatre actress when not on Tiktok
  9. Her private phone number was leaked onto the internet and she reported that on a single day she received atleast 13,000 messages from unknown numbers
  10. She says that she is a teetotaler and doesn’t smoke.

Her famous video challenge

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