10 Kenyan Celeb Relationships That Prove Love Can Last

If you are having a relationship, these celebs are going to provide you with some of the tips by just following their life style in their existing relationships.

From fashion, love, family and going out, all that is made of love resides in the below celebs who have managed to keep marriage bond together in a cool way.

Have a look below

1.Patrick Igunza

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Citizen TV reporter has managed to keep his family matters off the social media. But he has a cool family. If you wanna learn about how to keep off family matters from social media, follow Patrick and his family

2.Willis Raburu

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Willis and wife Mary Ngami are one of the new love birds in town. Willis knows how to treat a girl. You got to take a leaf from this Citizen TV lad

3.Erick Omondi

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If you want to set standards of marriage and love. Watch Erick and Grazioli over and over again. He never runs out of romantic ideas


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A family made under the pillar of God deserves to go miles. That is DJ Mo and Size 8. They have managed to stay in love of their own and in that of God. And even become servants of God. This is what you can learn from them


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Ever thought girls are not romantic in a relationship? Ten you have not watched Akothee and Nelly Oaks.

She is te one who calls shots of romance for her guy. She gives her a good treat. Ladies sould watch this closely

6.Lulu and Rashid Abdalla

TV anchors Lulu Hassan and Abdalla are some of the cool couples who show that celebs can get along in a cool way

7.Bahati and Marua

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For young couples under 24 years old, this is such a good time to get goals from.

Bahati and Diana Marua is a young couple wo resonates well with the young today generation.

8.Janet Mbugua and Ndichu

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Janet Mbugua has been in news on many occasions. But she has never let her love matters out. She is one of the coolest mum and wife in town

9.Wahiga and Joyce Omondi

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Wahiga and Joyce Omondi shows us that love from different tribe actually can work and exist. TV anchor Wahiga Mwaura and gospel singer Joyce Omondi have been in love and marriage for now close to 5 years without any wrangles

10.Njuguna and Celestine

Njuguna and Celestine love actaully prove that a comedian can have a life after leaving a pulpit. Nobody ever thought Njuguna could settle down considering that he was viewed as a joker while on screen

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