10 Kenyan Celebs With Goals For Faux Locks

For many dudes and ‘duddes’ having locks has been a dream or just a wish and those who have decided to have them, they have been disappointed in low or on measure at all.

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This is because locks are simple and easy to keep.

But if they are well kept, you will exactly look cute or handsome with them unlike when you keep them dirty.

These 10 celebs have actually given many of us who wish to have them goals and there are many leaves of branches we can borrow from them

1.Cindy Ogana

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2.Jamby Koikai

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3.Ciru Muriuki

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4.DJ Sadic

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5. Andrew Sean Kibaki

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6.Ciku Muiruri

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9.Binyavanga Wainaina

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10.Erick Wainaina

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