10 Kenyan Celebs Who Turn Heads With Their Booties

Kenyan men value women’s boots to the latter, this has even seen most of the Kenyan ladies opt for enhancing their hips to look larger and more appealing based on the 8 figure philosophy.

Here is a list of 10 ladies, who are famous celebrities but rely on their big hips to remain popular among their fan-hood zone.

This ladies work so hard to keep their hips figurative with what they enhancers. The hips keep rowing to their favor.


Vera Sidika

Who doesn’t know about Vera and her hips, we all know that all her cuteness was made on earth. She has nothing to offer naturally


Linda Ogutu

Fans expect to see her hips as sure as they pat taxes to watch her on Tv news prime everytime.

Most men rudh home because of her booties


Judy Onyango

From the lake side, nothing should a gal lack than her boots, it comes with a cost sometimes, one has to take bitter drugs and words in the same vein to maintain the number 8  figure, it is never easy


Kamene Goro

Ebru TV anchor, her booots are also prime, sometimes what makes the news is never the news itself, rather her hips, whether they have grown big or smaller, it has to be part of the news


Grace Msalame

She used to date Dennis Okari, Okari must have been the luckiest lad, moving from her to Betty Kyalo. Msalame has boots to boot



Corazon would not be herself if she goes bootiless, she will just be like a sparkles silhouette. The socialite really depends on the hips


Odhiambo Opondo

Apondo aka Odhiambo, cannot stop smiling because her boots allows her so. hers looks real though but so dependable, she would look horrible without them



Avril Kenya

Avril has got some hideous boots, and hips. She is the famous author of of boos enhancement. She has succeded in maintaining them n nourishing them.



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