10 Kenyan Celebs We Would Like To See In A Relationship

A relationship union of two people who come together for the reason of love is one of the underrated grounds that makes everyone equal in Kenya.

From young to old, rich and poor, different cultures to tribes, love is such a boundless and blind that knows no limit or restrictions .

We have witnessed so many celeb relationships and unions, but as Kenyans, we cannot help but wish for one day that we will alive when these celebs finally get down to a relationship and hopefully make it public for everyone to celebrate them

Here is a list of Kenyan celebs whose relationship status is eagerly being waited

1.Andrew Kibe

The know nonsense radio personality Kibe is a good bachelor to see get married.

Kibe is known for not entertaining women and his advise to men on how to bed chicks always wow everyone

Good to see him one day get down and be committed.

2.Aoko Otieno

Aoko is such a woman any man would love to date.

From her interesting look on feminism that favors men, Aoko believes that women should work for money instead of turning men into money mints.

Who doesn’t want to see this lady in a relationship?

3.Larry Madowo

Currently, Larry is the most successful Kenyan journalist on the land. The BBC’s top reporter is making huge strides abroad.

However, his marriage status remains under the carpet.

4.Elsie Majimbo

Elsie is the opposite of Aoko Otieno, as well as KIbe.

The online comedian believes in milking men. We would want to see that man she wants to get married to one of the fine days.

5.Victor Wanyama

The crown of the most paid and best Kenyan footballer goes to Wanyama. However, with all these, Wanyama has never made it public his love life.


6.Lupita Nyong’o

Lupita is Kenya’s most decorated actress on the land. And she continues to make huge strides abroad.

While she excels in her career, Kenyans would love to see her do well in a love relationship too

7.Kamene Goro

Kamene Goro and Andrew Kibe seemed like a perfect match on radio as well as in a relationship.

However the two were not just a thing since nothing much could be founded between the two of them.

Who wouldn’t love to see her in love?


Away from crushing on peoples wives and girlfriends, Ringtone is one of the celebs Kenyans would love to see dating in a lively and public situation

9.Maina Kageni

Radio host Kageni is a serial bachelor, and every one who loves him on radio would want to hear he is married .

10.Edgar Obare

Kenyan best male gossiper mantle will go away with Edgar Obare, who will much any best female gossiper in Nairobi.

It is so funny how he spends the rest of the day meddling in people’s relationship while his own is kept as a secrete

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