10 Kenyan Celebs Who Dumped Their Fiancees To Wed Side-chicks

For these celebs, a bombshell was brewing in the heart despite the fact they were dating their girlfriends or boyfriends.

When it exploded, what was a concern was to put a ring on their side-chicks and start a whole new life than before.

The question the begs remains clear, is it ethical to cheat on your partner in search of a better man or woman to marry?

Below is the list.

1.Willis Raburu

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Willis Raburu proposed to his then girlfriend Sally Mbilu who was even his workmate, Not knowing Raburu was cheating on her with Mary Ngami. Whom they later exchanged vows as they left Sally Mbilu in cold of loniliness

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2.Dennis Okari

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Dennis Okari used to date Grace Msalame, then he was working at KTN. Little did Grace know that he was dating his workmate Betty Kyallo whom they later held a mega wedding a Dubai honeymoon.

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As fate may have it, Okari and Betty’s love has remained on the fencw since they came back from the honeymoon

3.Pastor Omba

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Pastor Omba was maried to Kenyan gospel music star Gloria Muliro. Then later own, Pastor Omba was divorced. He did not wait but wedded immediately his parrner in crime. They now have a grown up kid, one year after divorce with Gloria with Muliro

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4.Ben Gatu and Saumu Mbuvi

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Ben Gitau had a kid with Saumu Mbuvi, Sonko’s daughter. But later own they divorced. Barely a month into divorce Ben was planning a wedding. He later wedded a daughter to Murangá governor Mwangi Wa Iria. Saumu is the daughter to Nairobi Governor Mike Sonko.

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5.Alfred Mutua

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Alfred Mutua left his wife for the young looking Lilian Ngángá whom they already have kids.

It is so interesting to note that Machakos county don’t know who is actualy their first lady!

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6.Rapper Izzo

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Rapper Izzo married gospel star Eunice Njeri and the two moved to US. Not knowing Eunice was divorced and tables turned around. Izzo had another woman in his bag


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Nelly Oaks, chief Akothee video producer ended up stopping the marriage between Akothee and her white man.

It is so funny that Akothee gave a reason to divorce ,on accounts that she wanted to focus so much on her music. Nelly Oaks was literary part of her music

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Dr. Ofweneke left his wife and separated when he found another love, it is so unclear why the two separated but claims have it that Ofweneke was after another woman


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Bahati has two kids, one with Diana Marua and another one with unknown woman. His first born Mueni Bahati is all grown up, however it means he may have cheated on the first mother with Diana Marua

10.Anerlisa Mungai

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Anerlisa Mungai has been a centre of storm when it came to her health, weight and her relationship status.

After divorcing the fiance, she found immediately another man, whom she claim to be deeply in love.

How comes there was no any healing time of her heart if her claims to have been broken was true?

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