10 Kenyan Celebs Who Have Stayed Friends With Their Ex Lovers

Love doctors would be right to say that forgetting about your ex is the key to go ahead and move on with a new relationship, that is if they have not read about these 10 Kenyans celebs who have decided to change the winds of love.

Despite bitter breaks, they have managed to stay in communication, often meeting up and giving one another support.

Science has it that keeping in touch with your exes has huge benefits among them is looking after your kids and keeping your business in check.

Below if a list of celebs who have kept in touch with their ex lovers despite divorce.

1.Dennis Itumbi and Jacky Maribe

Said to have moved own since break-up, Itumbi stayed with Maribe when she was facing murder charges until she was released on bond.

Itumbi is also said to have contributed to her 5 million bond release

2.Willis Raburu and Sally Mbilu

Wills moved on and is now married to Mary Mukami, however he still works with Sally Mbilu former ex at Citizen TV newsroom.

3.Bahati and Yvette Obura

Bahati who married Diana Marua, had energy to feature his baby mama and ex lover Yvette into his famed show Being Bahati on NTV.

He also confessed that they are in good terms since they occasionally meet for the sake of their kid Mueni Bahati

4.President Uhuru and Waiguru

Uhuru and Waiguru were said to be in a relationship back during the first term in power. The two downed their public romance and seem to have moved on with own life even though remained friends

5.Diamond and Zari Hassan

Diamond still looks after Zari, attends her important events and talk on social media despite a bitter break up in 2018 February.

Zari also is no doubt befriending Diamond but no intention of marrying again

6.Zari Hassan and Late Ivan Ssemwanga

Since his death, Zari has been visit the remains of her late husband Ivan in Uganda despite breaking up before marrying with Diamond.

7.Atwoli and Wife

Atwoli revealed that he and his former wife have a good relationship for the sake of their kid.

The duo have no doubt fair friendship between them despite moving own with different lovers

8.Jaguar and two wives

MP for Starehe Jaguar could be a strange man when it comes to love.

Word has it that he has two baby mamas and both are in good harmony.

He might go the polygamous way

9.Alfred Mutua and First Wife

His marriage to Lillian Ngángá paved no way for first wife Mrs.Mutua. The duo had rough relationship before but have now accepted situations and currently in polygamous marriage

10.Akothee and white baby daddies

Akothee who is engaged to Nelly Oaks would sometimes pour her lover to former lovers and husbands on social media.

Recently she bragged about one of her ex baby daddy who had bought her a brand new car and house abroad.



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