10 Kenyan Female Celebs Above 55 Years Looking Like 25 Years

For some female celebs age is just a number, while for these particular ones, age is like wine, which means that they get better with age.

Many women struggle with age as soon as they turn 30 years old, this is because most of them are settling down to marriage and they care less on fashion and beauty

However, for a woman who understands her course, age is an opportunity to shine every year she turns older.

These women also reminds us that having kids, even more than five kids, is not an excuse of not looking beautiful

Here are Kenyan celebs who have crossed the age of 55 years old and still looking supper hot than before and probably hotter than some 25 year old millennial

Esther Passaris

The mother of two kids Esther Passaris was born 55 years ago on 20 October 1964 .

Passaris serves as the current Women Rep for Nairobi county.

When it comes to fashion and beauty, this is a direct line into her nerves and bloodline

Margret Kenyatta

She was born 56 years ago as Margaret Gakuo Kenyatta.

The First Lady to Kenya and the mother of three first saw the world on 8 April 1964 (age 56 years)

Despite this huge sunrises and sunsets, she is a mother to reckon with beauty

Tabitha Karanja

Another gorgeous woman and ageless beauty , Tabitha Karanja ws born 55 years ago on 29 August 1964 (age 55 years).

Tabitha Mukami Muigai Karanja is a mother of four kids and a founder of Kenya Breweries Limited.

Ida Odinga

With just one year to turn 70 year old, Ida Odinga was born 24 August 1950  in Migori county.

The 69 year old wife to NASA head Raila Odinga is a mother to four kids with absolute turning beauty

Amina Mohammed

Amina Chawahir Mohamed Jibril is one of the most successful Kenyan lawyer, diplomat and politician.

She was born 58 years ago on 5 October 1961 in Kakamega county .

Amina has served as Cabinet Secretary in various ministries – Sports, Foreign Affairs and Education

Anne Waiguru

Anne Waiguru is the former CS in Devolution ministry and currently the the 2nd and current Governor of Kirinyaga County

She was born in 1967, with her stunning beauty and awesome figure. she still glows with cuteness

Dorothy Nyong├│

Even though her age is not known, the husband is already 74 years and her first born Lupita is already 37 years old.

This means that Lupita’s mother is already in her 60s despite her awesome looks

Agnes Wanjiru Mwanyigha

Agness Mwanyigha is the mother to Sheila Mwanyigha.

The duo shocked Kenyans when Sheila shared photos of her ageless mother.

Agnes is a former police officer

Wavinya Ndeti

Wavinya was born in Machakos county on 3 November 1967.

She is also as cute as she looks gorgeously

Margaret Wanjiru

The former Starehe MP was born on 22 December 1961.

Even though her kids are not known, the 58 year old is a mother to former Mathare MP Stephen Kariuki

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