12 Kenyan Female Celebs Whose Moms Look Younger Than They Do

Kenyan female celebs arriving receiving a stiff competition of fashion and beauty from their own mothers !

And it is something they all love and adore as they watch their cute and beautiful mothers age well like sweet wine.

Here are Kenyan celeb mothers who have refused to age and instead get well and better with age

Tabitha Karanja and Anerlisa Mungai

Born in 1964, Tabitha Karanja gave birth to Anerlisa Mungai in 1989, were it not for diet watch and epic body transformation to shed excess fat, Anerlisa Mungai would have been overtaken by own 55 year old mum in a beauty contest

The two are also successful business women

Esther Passaris and Makenna Ngugi

Going by their looks, the two are basically sisters of the same age. But fool you not.

Makenna Maria Ngugi aged 24 years was born in 1996 while the Nairobi Women Rep Passaris was born in 1964, today she is 55 years old.

Akothee and Rue Baby

Singer Akothee aka Esther Akoth gave birth to first born Rue Baby at the age of just 14 years old.

Today, the 40 year old mother of five kids looks same age as the 22 year old Rue Baby.

Rue was born Celine Dion Okello (Real Name) on February 20, 1998.

Ngina Kenyatta and Margaret Kenyatta

Margaret Gakuo Kenyatta is a Kenyan educator, First Lady of Kenya, and wife of Uhuru Muigai Kenyatta, Kenya’s fourth President.

The 56 year old gave birth to Ngina Kenyatta in 1994 and still looks very cute and beautiful

Margaret was born in 1964

Prophetess Monica Kimani

Woman of God Prophetess Monica was sharing her tbt photos with cute mother.

As it turns out, she was aging faster than her own mum.

Prophetess who looks to be in early 40s, is having a fashion field day with mum who seem to be clocking into late 60s

Kathy Kiuna – Vanessa and Stephanie

You willbe fooled and forgived for being such a believe that these are three sisters.

This is actually Kathy Kiuna, a paster with JCC and her two daughters Stephanie and Vanessa. All of them are married with kids.

Well Kathy might be in 45 or 46 but her two daughters are just 24 and 22 respectively

Betty Kyalo

Betty Kyallo who was born in Mwingi, Kitui county brags of a youthful mother Julia born in Mulwanda village in Khwisero, Kakamega county.

In 2020, Betty Kyalo will be turning 31 against her mum who looks to e approaching mid 60s

Lupita Nyong├│

At 37 years old, Hollywood star Lupita Nyong├│ is just three years short of 40 years old while her mum is fast approaching 70 years .

Dorothy Nyong’o is the county first lady of Kisumu region

Shantell Grazioli

Stantell Grazioli, is also giving beauty and fashion goals with her mother .

Despite being half decent, the mother looks as cute as Shantell, the ex lover to comedian Erick Omondi

Sheila Mwanyigha

For someone who is closing onto 50 years age, Sheila Mwanyaghi looks as hot as her own mother who is still glowing.

It is understood also that her mother should be closing onto 70 years

What a surprise !

Joyce Omondi and cute mother

The wife to Wahiga Mwaura, also is age-competing with her own mum who looks to have clocked 50 years while her daughter is still in her 30s

Saumu Mbuvi and Primrose Mbuvi

Saumu Mbuvi who is just 30 year old, is as cute and awesome as her mum who is in already mid 40s

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