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10 Kinds Of Love-Birds That Always End Gravely

Who knows the future that awaits you in a relationship? You can not make predictions about happy endings, but about loving disasters more or less imminent.

Because some relationships are written from the beginning, because some relationships are seen coming. These are some couples that always end badly, check if you recognize in any of them.
Sometimes we can know what the future holds, especially when we talk about toxic couples. These types of couples always end badly and sometimes end up fatal. That’s why it’s best to be alert to the signs.

1 Jealous couples. Jealousy does not combine well with stability, precisely because it is a trait of insecurity and instability and also quite dangerous. Jealous couples do not have a happy ending, but they are sure to have an end.

2 Couples of Siamese. Couples who are unable to give themselves a margin of space or independence often end up fatal. It is true that some do not even finish, but are held together for centuries, but they are not happy couples.

3 Dominant couples. The dominant character is so far removed from any way of understanding love that when it makes its appearance in one or both members of the couple, the relationship is doomed to failure.

4 Couples of lies. If there is something that breaks the trust in the couple is the lie. Although it is not an infidelity, but a trifling lie, a couple without trust has little future.

5 Silent couples. Communication is a forced practice in relationships. Couples who do not speak or who only talk to discuss and face everything that has been kept so far are so toxic that they can not end well.

6 Couples without dreams. The plans may not always go as you hoped, but that does not mean that you give up on your dreams. Couples without dreams, individual and in common, are meant for inertia to put nonsense to the relationship one day.

7 Blind couples. Be very careful with the blind falling in love that you are prepared that it never happens to you. Blindness prevents you from seeing the person you are sharing your life with. The longer you look at it, the harder it will fall.

8 False Couples. Everything is appearance in some couples that we see by the social networks. In some cases their happiness is certain. In other cases, marital bliss is merely posture of which sooner or later you will tire.

9 Couples of convenience. There are couples who are not bound by love, but convenience. That ideal man with that ideal woman, of complementary professions, of friendly families, of permanent smile, are pairs that can be together all the life, but does not make them happy pair.

10 Couples without surpassing. They do not outgrow the past, do not outgrow their ex, make pay their new partner the past mistakes in love. Men and women unable to overcome their previous histories are also unable to build a healthy relationship.




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