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10 Lovely Kenyan Celebs Engagements In 2021

It is raining men in 2021, Kenyan female celebs are no doubt bagging men at an alarming rate.

Here is a list of those who have already found their loved ones in 2021.

1.Singer Phil Kimemia And Actress Gachuhi

Song writer and chef Phil Kimemia has made public his love to fiancee Celestine Gachuhi.

The two made together their love on 9th February 2021.

A look at their profiles shows messages of love dedicated to one another.

2.Comedian Nasra

He said yes!

In February 2021, Churchill Show Comedian Nasra announced that she had accepted marriage proposal from her boyfriend, Director Rashid

Nasra was happy and couldn’t hide what Rashid means to her life.

She went online to share the good news with her fans.

Nasra wrote: “Babe I always tell you I have never loved anyone more than I love you. Kwa vile nikiwa na wewe, mimi huwa na raha. Nataka hii raha niipate for the rest of my life. Thank you love.


Tanzanian Bongo star Rajabu Kahali alias Harmonize introduced his new girlfriend Frida Kajala to fans during Valentine’s Day celebrations in February 2021.

Harmonize used social media to share photos of his new girlfriend, who is a renowned Bongo movie actress months after his Italian wife Sarah Michelotti left him.

Harmonize posted: “Happy Valentine’s Day my love, stay stronger and make me proud”

4.Gloria Muliro

In 2009,  gospel Minister Gloria Muliro got married to Pastor Eric Omba Miko in such a luxurious wedding.

But six years later in 2015, she got divorced with the Congolese in one of the worst dramatic scenes ever.

The duo will go on media interviews to shame and blame each other over the divorce.

But in 2020, she revealed again that she had found love again after searching for nearly another six years

“I am in love with a wonderful man of God, Evans Sabwami, and what you could have heard is not a rumour.

We have kept this a private affair but I can talk about it now because I have the go-ahead from my soon to be husband,” she said

 She added: “After confirming that we will have a lifelong journey together, we informed our families who gave us their blessings,” Gloria said, adding that they have already done the traditional marriage ceremony.

According to Gloria, her new lucky man is an American citizen- a pastor, an engineer, and a graphics artist.

And all of them have a passion for ministry, music, and philanthropy.

Sabwami is also a divorcee whose marriage ended more than eight years ago and has been single since then.

5.Anita Nderu

Anita Nderu was born on the 9th of February 1990, and she was brought up in Eldoret. She recently celebrated turning 31 years old.

Her father is of the Kikuyu community while her mother comes from the Somali community.

It is during her 31st birthday in 2021 she unveiled a white man as her bae.

Photos seen on her Instagram account shows Anita and new bae kissing romantically with a French kiss

6.Zari Hassan

Former wife to Diamond Platnumz seems to have bagged herself a handsome and she is no longer hiding her happiness.

Zari went online to show off her man to her fans, since her break up with Diamond few years ago.

Be the judge.



Kenyan gospel artist Moji Short Babaa has won the heart of his girlfriend in style.

The Vimbada hitmaker decided to go down on his knees so as to pop the question to new bae Nyawira Gachuki aka Nyamu

Nyamu, a lovely looking charming girl, warmly accepted his proposals as the two loved birds began their new life in 2021.

Nyamu’s messages

Short’s message

Engagement photos


New bae is a special thing in 2021, and seems that many celebs are now giving out their hearts for love.

And no doubt, Nazizi Hirji was spotted in Tanzania enjoying romance love with a new man she gave her heart.

The Kenyan reggae artist who is also a radio host at Vybz Radio uploaded photos of herself with the man on Instagram with a love emoji


Yvette Obura, who had her first child Mueni with singer Bahati, she has proved that she really moved on after break up with the popular singer.

Even though she has claimed that she got engaged, it was a moment for her to provide proof.

And that is what she did when she turned up for an interview with Radio Jambo.

She showed up with her handsome and hunk boyfriend, and even better he is tall and dark.

The man is also of Kamba origin just like Bahati.

10.Muthoni Mukiri

Ex Inooro TV anchor Muthoni Wa Mukiri has stolen free internet limelight after she introduced her new bae in style.

How the anchor had kept her man under the wraps remains another wonder for the internet world.

But her man, Isaac came out with Muthoni wearing fashioned Ankara matching outfit. Ready for 2021

11.Comedian Ronoh

Female comedian Chebet Ronoh is rolling up with a boyfriend.

Proud of her man, she could not help but introduce him to the public.

The unnamed lucky man can be seen posing suggestively with Comedienne Ronoh who also doubles as radio host at Homeboyz Radio.

Comedienne Ronoh won the hearts of Kenyans audience with her short online pieces on social media platforms.

Even though she never got to appear on big screens, she silently made it through the tough market of comedy in Kenya.


A business man in Kenya, took love literally to the skies when he hired a chopper in bid to propose to his girlfriend in style

The man in spotlight, Erick Nyenze was seen proposing to the cute loving wife-to-be with a decorated background of a chopper.

The event happened in January 2021, moments Kenyans regard as one of the financial tough times for the average .


Since Chantal Grazioli parted ways with Eric Omondi on 22nd May 2019, she seems to have moved on with a new lover.

Months before introducing the hunch man, Grazioli had been seen dating a mysterious man.

And in 2020, she laid it bare with a post on her Instagram account.

Where she posted the light skin boyfriend with a love emoji together with a caption ‘ My Happy Place’.

Erick Omondi who fooled Kenyans with his ‘Be My Wife Show’ has yet to settle down with another lover in public.

Noti Flow

Kenyan rapper Noti Flow has introduced her ‘boyfriend’ with a hearfelt message that might shock some Kenyans.

“Everything I ever wanted in him I found in her ❤️” Noti Flow finally introduces her boyfriend

As it looks, she has joined the lesbian movement and just like her fellow celeb Makena Njeri, Noti Flow will not be settling down in a usual normal marriage or love relationship .

June Ruto

Daughter to Deputy President William Ruto got married recently to a Nigerian man, and it was all gloomy and pomp.

Check out her mother’s cute message , Rachel Ruto to the daughter June.

Every mother’s joy is to share lifes family values, lessons and milestones with her daughter. My heartfelt congratulations, love and prayers to my daughter June on her new chapter. May God shine His light on your path.


Churchill show comedian Nasra has finally left the spinster life and now she is engaged to the love of her life.

She posted a raunchy photo with her new partner, having a personal love moment.

Nasra shot to the news few months ago after she had pranked her mum that she was pregnant yet she was not married, a prank that went bad and attracted alot of critics from her fans


Kememe TV’s cute anchor Keziah wa Kariuki got engaged in April in such a beautiful ‘ruracio’ ceremony.

Ruracio is a traditional Kikuyu wedding ceremony where the man gets engaged to his love of life after paying some dowry inform of gifts such as animals and farm produce.

Crazy Kennar

Comedian Crazy Kennar has unveiled his girlfriend he has been hiding for the past 12 years.

Though did not specify the reason he placed the lover out of public interest, many fans thought it was just.

The lucky girl is better known as Natalie Asewe.


Household businessman Peter Waweru announced that he officially married Laikipia woman representative Cate Waruguru.

Waweru is a well known businessman who has appetite for overseas businesses in shipping and consolidations of goods with a clearing and forwarding company known as Sunrise Investments group ltd.

Mr. Waweru who is the current Kirinyaga County Chamber of Commerce chairman said that he wanted people to respect his decision and to identify Waruguru as his official second wife.

“Cate is my wife and people should stop saying we are dating or whatever they say. She is my wife and we live together,” he said.

Waweru added that both Cate’s parents and his are officially aware of their union and that he has paid part of the customary dowry known as ‘kuhanda ithigi’

Waweru said he was married to Zipporah Njoki, who works at the Kenya Bureau of Standards Mombasa county, but they separated two years ago but makes it lucid that she is hitherto his ex-wife since they are in the divorce process.

“Cate is no longer my girlfriend and that nonsense of we are cohabiting should stop. Those are allegations.”

Last week on Wednesday, videos of a dramatic scene said to have happened in Bamburi were shared on social media, where Cate allegedly attacked the ex-wife of Waweru.

Her man denies the claims.

“I have three kids and since I’m taking care of them, I had visited my children and later stories were shared online that I had gone there to beat her. I was accompanied by my sister and Cate was not there,” he said.

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