Beef Alert- 8 No-nonsense Kenyan Celebs Hitting On Each Other In 2021

It is 2021 and Kenyan celebs are breaking friendships to foes over their fans.

In 2021, here are some of the celebs beefs in Kenya you should not miss.

1.Tanasha VS Huddah

Kenyan social media was lit up when Dubai based Kenyan socialite Hudah Monroe picked a fight with musician Tanasha Donna.

It all started when Tanasha Donna thought hitting 3M followers on Instagram was worth to celebrate and thank her loyal fans.

Something that Huddah could not swallow it down.

According to Huddah, gone are the days when celebs would focus on the followers, Huddah advised Donnah to stick to her account balance in regards to revenues earned from the numbers.

Tanasha would fire back by saying that Huddah was available for the highest bidder

2.Bahati and Willy Paul

Kenyan artists Bahati and Willy Paul have renewed their old rivalry over a post from ex lover Tanasha Donna and Diamond Platnumz.

The two artists who are know to be beefing up against each other, clapped back on themselves on 26th January 2021 over a post of Tanasha and Diamond seeming to be back together.


Bahati started by commenting that the duo should united and become lovers again, then Willy Paul replied with a dirty comment, to which Bahati did not hesitate to fire back.

3.Sarah Kabu and Edgar Obare

Sara Kabu of Bonfire Adventures, has fired back at Kenya’s gossip master Edgar Obare.

It all started when Edgar Obare shared a video on his timeline about the marriage issues with Kabi and Milly Wajesus family.

While in the video, Sara Kabu can be heard speaking, and this is where the line was drawn by Sarah.

‘Please do not post my videos or mention my name on your page…I know that is how you earn your living but I do not tolerate nonsense in the name of clout. Have you ever heard me discuss about your sexuality or spouses?” the agitated Mrs. Kabu asked

4.Vera Sidika And Akuku Danger’s Deal Ends In A Beef

Comedian Akuku Danger and socialite Vera Sidika had a business deal that escalated into a celeb beef after Akuku claimed that Vera did not honour the deal.

According to Akuku, he hired his Public Address system to Vera Sidika for her gender reveal party which was hosted in Nairobi’s Karen estate.

According to Akuku, Vera was supposed to pay Sh.15,000 for one hour but she only paid Sh.10,000

“Upon finishing my end of the bargain which was at 9 pm I asked for my balance only for her to now assume she doesn’t know who we are and instead sent a team of bouncers/Security, a group of her already drunk lady friends and some guy by the name Victor to whisk us away making all sorts of insults at us. All this while she is standing there pretending to be on her phone,” said the frustrated Akuku.

“By 1 am We couldn’t take it anymore and that’s when she sent her drunk girlfriends and Security to get us out with a promise of “She’ll see what to do in the morning” Till Now she ain’t picking my calls or returning my texts,” he added.

5.Citizen TV Anchors Willis Raburu And Mashirima Kapombe Exchange Fire On Social Media

While hosting her weekly show named ‘Longa Longa’, Mashirma Kapombe found herself in a bitter exchange with fellow employee Willis Raburu.

It all started when Mashirima posed a Swahili quiz to viewers.

The viewers were to crack what ‘Kinamasi’ means to the locals .

According to Mashirima Kapombe, Willis was taking his jokes so far and wanted him to take it to his show ’10 Over 10′

6.Socialites Amber and Bridget Tear Each Other

Kenyan socialites Amber Ray and Bridget Achieng have found themselves in bitter rivalry after an online spat.

Bridget Achieng developed a strong interest in the fight between co-wives Amber Ray and Amira.

It started when Amber Ray accused Amira of making her life difficult after she found out that her husband Jamal Mohammed had married a second wife

“To those that are telling me to let this matter go. I will block all of you. You guys don’t know the nonsense I take every day here. Being forced to be the bigger person because someone is constantly threatening to drink poison and give it to her kids too then coming to preach to you guys.

“Anyway, what do you expect from a woman who left her babies for 5 years to go and enjoy life in Dubai? Simply because our husband didn’t have anything then.  And again if she is a good person why didn’t she find herself a white man to marry her there since they are not polygamous? Here in Africa sharing is a must,” she wrote.

Amber went ahead to mention that Amira was trying to make her image look bad and be negatively judged by the society .

“The other day I borrowed the Range Rover and got your ‘Ambassador of positivity’ has written this to me.  Guys, I’m telling you, here things are harder than you think. Just pray for me to be able to afford mine.  You keep saying you want a divorce just so that you can get attention, nonsense. People should start looking for jobs to do,” added Amber.

Bridget took to her Instagram to blast Amber while showing support for Amira

“Amira, in my sight you can do no wrong, fight your battles on your knees. Wewe Amber, d*nya bwana ya wenyewe kama umefunga mdomo,”

Amber hit back that she will not give Bridget attention as she is seeking fame. Achieng did not take it lying down

“Fame gani natafuta kwako na mimi hata niko verified. Your fans wamejaza hapo asking you to teachg them kunyang’anyana mabwana. Some of us were born stars and did not have to steal husbands to be known. Kweli akili sio matako…

7.Octopizzo Rolls Khaligraph Jones In Mud For Allegedly Copying His Project

Khaligraph Jones has been accused by Octopizzo aka Henry Ohanga of copying his music video.

In what looks like a reopened rivalry, Octopizzo posted a coded message on social media claiming that Khaligraph could not match his standards and had resorted to copy pasting his work.

The song in dispute is the OG’s recently released track ‘Nikwa Ni Shoke’. According to Pizzo, the song’s video graphics were copied from his ‘Jump PYDU’ project.

8.Shakila Goes Wild On Mejja In Latest Celeb Beef

Kenyan socialite joined some Kenyans who went online to clap back at musician Mejja over his prolific collabo.

This back-clash came up after Mejja appeared in Bensoul and Sauti Sol release ‘Nairobi’.

Kenyans thought his section was not properly done, but rather he did not fit in the role.

Shakila would not hide her back-clash, and went wild on Mejja

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