10 Mistakes You Should Not Make On A First Date If You Want To Succeed

The first impression is what counts. This is an expression that we have been dragging since the beginning of time and although it is not always true, we can apply it if we talk about the first date.

Whether via Tinder, Grindr, Meetic or face-to-face (lifelong) conversation, that nerve bug always appears when we meet for the first time with the turn ligature.

That is why you must have clear premises for the day you see your crush, everything flows like water, take note:

1- Don’t talk about your ex

Obviously you do not start well if your flirting project goes away with the impression that you have a trauma from your previous relationship. Whether it is for bad or for good, the “ex” issue is obvious in any circumstance; And if she/he asks you, skip it as you can.

2- Do not enter into controversial issues

It is wonderful that you exchange opinions with your interlocutor but if there is a topic that generates controversy, it is preferable to skip it and leave it for later appointments. In such cases you run the risk of heading too much with your reasons and your companion can go home with a wrong opinion of you.

3- Do not talk about parties with your friends

You can save these details because, in general, party discussions with colleagues are often boring for an interlocutor who has not lived them. In addition, such stories are told from a rather distorted perspective with which you can easily take the label of “ghost.”

4- Do not talk about your physique

No matter how fan you are from the gym you don’t have to elaborate on how much you train, how strict you are with meals and how much you like to take care of yourself and see yourself defined in the mirror. Even if you consider that you are not a believer (and maybe you really are not) it is the impression you will give.

5- Do not be funny if you are not

Actually, the best advice we could give you is to act with absolute normality. There is nothing worse than trying to appear to be something you are not and more if that means forcing a person to laugh politely. To leave with the “funny” label is to make sure that he will never call you again.

6- Do not start counting your problems

It is obvious that you will scare your date because we assure you (100%) that the person with whom you have been the last thing you want is to talk about miseries. Keep the beautiful side of life and keep it for your friends.

7- Don’t ask too much

It is normal that you want to obtain information about your companion but it is not necessary that you mount an interrogation. What I want to tell you will do without your pressure, let the conversation flow and everything will be better.

8- Choose the site well

If you are the one who is going to propose location, think well about the place you are going to take to your league. Although it seems very obvious, it is easy to fall into mistakes such as going to see a movie at the cinema (where obviously you are not going to talk anything) or the typical club that you like to go to but that, if we get thin, it is not the place more suitable to have an appointment .

9- Do not make plans for the future

Talking about the future together on a first date is to fall into a mistake that you will hardly repair. Issues such as children, marriage, travel or any long-term plan are best avoided at all costs.

10- Avoid awkward silences

It is not about talking non-stop but not giving rise to uncomfortable silences because you are with your mobile in your hand looking at Instagram. They are typical behaviors in which you do not usually fall every day but that lead to existential gaps that, when you are meeting a person, do not contribute much (nothing, rather)

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