10 Moments The World Was Under Lock-down In January 2020

There have been small chatters among the christian believers if 2020 is the end year revealed in the bible.

But why?

This is because of the great signs they believe already God has shown them in January only.

Whether it is true or not, what we all know is that the year started off on a very bad note, with almost the world coming to a standstill in some parts of the world.

Here are some of the huge crisis reported in 2020 January.

1.Coronavirus – China

An outbreak of 2019 novel coronavirus in China brought the shut down of Chinese big towns and transport system.

Unfortunately the virus can not be cured but rather be controlled.

Major international airlines have stopped flights from and to China’s mainland.

2.Volcanic Eruption – Philippines

A volcanic eruption on Taal mountain near metro Manila brought the capital city into a lockdown

Planes could not fly in and out of the country due to the ash fall as well as poor visibility.

3.Locust plague – East Africa and Middle Asia

A deadly swam of locusts has been cross from Arabian desert to African greeenlands in search for food.

Leaving farmers in great losses including in Kenya

4.Earthquakes – Puerto Rico, Turkey

They were hit with a strong earthquakes with strong after shocks that led to the deaths of scores

5.War- America and Iran

USA and Iran at one moment declared war on each other and even went as far as launching missiles to US soldiers after USA reaper drone had killed Iran top military commander.

6.Wild Fire- Australia

Millions of animals and billions of plants have already died in Australia’s deadly bush fire that claimed a large piece of their habit

7.Floods – Brazil, Kenya and Indonesia

Floods caused by heavy rains also rocked many parts of the world but among those greatly affected were Brazil, Kenya and Indonesia

8.Storm Surge – Spain

There was a very strong storm in Spain that was named Gloria. That brought things into edges of life in a section of Spain

9.Impeachment – USA

World most powerful leader President Donald Trump was impeached by the house representatives before his case was moved to the senate.

10.Plane Crash – Ukraine, Kobe Bryant

Iran military shot down a Ukraine passenger plane killing more than 200 on board.

In USA, world most popular sportsman Kobe Bryant was killed along with his daughter in a chopper crash.

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