10 Most Demanded Technological Skills From 2019

The report Computerworld’s Forecast 2016 revealed what are the 10 technological skills that will receive greater labor demand in the coming years

Next, we will list the 10 skills that will be the labor demand of the companies linked to the information technology (also known as IT its acronym in English, Information Technology), according to the conclusions of the Computerworld’s Forecast 2016 report

1. IT Architecture

IT Architecture consists of structural design in shared information environments, such as websites, intranets, online communities and software.

2. Programming / Application Development

Programming / Application Development – consists of designing and writing a source code to create a mobile app, making use of a programming language.

3. Project Management

Project Management , is a discipline that includes the planning of processes and the control of resources in order to achieve a goal in a limited period of time, for example, specify a business and / or produce a product or service .

4. Big Data

Big Data , is a concept refers to the storage of large amounts of data and the procedures implemented to organize them and find patterns.

5. Business Intelligence

Business Intelligence , Business Intelligence or Business Intelligence, consists of analyzing large datasets and transforming them into information and knowledge that facilitates decision making in the field of business.

6. Help Desk / Technical Support

Help Desk / Technical Support , is an assistance service that consists of improving the operation and resolving defects of electronic devices.

7. Database administration

Database Administration , consists of creating, configuring, giving support and managing corporative data bases.

8. Security / Compliance / Governance

9. Cloud and SaaS

Aka Cloud computing and Software as a service.

10. Web Development

Web Development (in Spanish, Web Development), consists of designing, implementing and maintaining websites.

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