10 Most Promising Professions For The Future

American organizational consultant Sparks and Honey launched a study in which the 20 most promising careers for the future were identified.

Although some of them are not yet consolidated in the job market, the professions mentioned have something in common: they escape the old career model, in which people graduated in a certain area and followed this path for the rest of their professional life.

The tendency is for professions to be increasingly transversal and fragmented, that is, to cover different areas. In addition, there will be a need for increasingly specialized professionals.

Next, find out the list with the 10 most promising careers for the future, according to Sparks and Honey, and see if any suits you:

1. Productivity consultants

Specialists in technologies and solutions capable of improving the performance of companies and their employees.

2. Digital curators

They make a selection of content and digital tools, chosen according to the client’s career or personality.

3. Digital death managers

They take care of the online content of deceased users.

4. Corporate disruptors

They are responsible for encouraging companies to abandon their frozen hierarchies and start operating in a more flexible environment, such as that of new companies and startups.

5. Curiosity tutors

He is a kind of creativity coach, who is hired to bring content to his client that stimulates his curiosity from him.

6. Alternative Currency Speculators

Specialist in investments and digital currencies, such as bitcoin.

7. Crowdfunding specialist

It works with the Crowdfunding online platform, used to attract and offer investments in entrepreneurship projects, social causes and other initiatives.

8. Drone operators

He will be hired to pilot small ships, mainly in urban areas.

9. Privacy consultants

Professional capable of assessing online or physical risks and guiding your client based on these analyzes.

10. Skype coaches

Kind of personal coach hired to prepare the client for interviews or meetings through the Skype platform, indicating the best way to behave in front of the cameras during the conference.

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