10 Optical Illusion Photos That Stamped The Internet

Some of the illusion photos on internet are often termed as accidental or intentional, but one thing we all agree is that we all and sundry love staring at such mind blogging and jogging images.

Below is a collection of some images to check it up on your brains.

1.These ladies, models were photographed, but one thing remain clear that one of the ladies’ leg is not in the photo. Can you find it?

Slide 2 of 25: <p> Earlier this year, <a href="">InStyle magazine posted an Instagram photo</a> of Kendall Jenner, Kylie Jenner, and Hailey Baldwin hanging out together after the Golden Globes.</p><p> They are all very leggy. So it's odd that one went missing. Kendall's left leg is nowhere to be seen. Where'd it go?</p>

If you look really closely, you can see the horizontal top of her leg. She’s pointing her knee to her right and twisting her body forward to be more prominent in the picture.

Slide 3 of 25: <p> Eventually, the internet figured it out. <a href=""> It was under her dress all along!</a> If you look really closely, you can see the horizontal top of her leg. She's pointing her knee to her right and twisting her body forward to be more prominent in the picture.</p>

2.This photo clearly shows that the ladies, 6 have got 5 pairs of legs, where is the other pair?

Slide 4 of 25: <p> Legless women are a staple of the viral optical illusion genre. This photo that <a href=""> went around Reddit in late 2016</a> showed six women sitting on a couch.</p><p> But - yet again - a leg was missing. The person sitting in the middle of the couch seems to have no legs at all.</p>

Look at it closely well

Slide 5 of 25: <p> If you look closer, you'll see what's really going on.</p><p> The woman in the middle of the couch does, in fact, have legs. She's leaning her torso to her left and her head to the right. So it's hard to tell that those legs on the viewer's left are hers.</p><p> The legs of the woman all the way on the left are also pretty clear. She's wearing black jeans.</p><p> So that leaves the person second from the furthermost left. If you look closely, you can see that she's also wearing black jeans. One of her legs is simply completely behind the other woman's legs. You can see a sliver of the other one in the image. It helps if you adjust the photo's lighting.</p>

3.Can you see anything wrong with this photo?

Slide 6 of 25: <p> This particular image <a href="">went viral on Imgur</a>, uploaded by a user going by the name of what047. It has the caption "It took me forever to find what was wrong here..."</p><p> Do you see it?</p>

Actually,someone edited the people behind to have the same head, it is hard to tell since everyone is focusing in front of the front image details

Slide 7 of 25: <p> You may have been looking to closely at the women in the foreground. Nothing is off about them.</p><p> But in the background, <a href=""> everyone has the same head</a>. Someone edited the image so that everyone's head was replaced with one belonging to a curly-haired guy looking down.</p><p> The image's trick is a good reminder that the details you're looking for aren't always in the foreground. Sometimes they're in unexpected places.</p>

4.Oily legs, right? Don’t they look covered with oil, an art student posted the photo for a reason

Slide 8 of 25: <p> This image went viral in October of 2016 after Hunter Culverhouse, an art student, posted it on Instagram. It looks like Culverhouse's legs are covered in oil.</p>

Look at the result

With the image cropped, it’s a little easier to tell what’s really going on: streaks of white paint make it look like a glare of light is coming off of Culverhouse’s legs. They’re actually dry.

5.Do you spot some redness in the photo? Actaully the strawberies have been drained of any red colour, but why do people still see the red colour

Slide 12 of 25: <p> The image was made and <a href="">posted on Twitter by Akiyoshi Kitaoka</a>‏, a professor of psychology at Ritsumeikan University <a href="">who studies visual perception</a>. This pixels have been completely drained of any red. So why do so many people still see red strawberries?</p>

Your brain may think they’re red because of a phenomenon called color constancy. It’s related to the science behind The Dress: Your brain looks at the color of the object and the color of the light to determine the color presented to you.

6.Can you look at the 12 black circles in the image all at once, it is not easy. Take a look

Slide 16 of 25: <p> This particular illusion comes from an academic paper published in 2000 in the journal Perception by Jacques Ninio and Kent A. Stevens. If you have access, <a href="">you can read the paper through here</a>.</p><p> It went viral online <a href=""> when Akiyoshi Kitaoka‏ posted it on Facebook</a> and <a href="">game designer Will Kerslake reposted it on Twitter</a>.</p><p> There are 12 black circles in the image, but most people can't see them all at once.</p>

You realize that they are popping in and out

Slide 17 of 25: <p> You should be able to see any dot you look at directly. But the ones in your peripheral vision pop in and out.</p><p> That's because humans simply don't have very good peripheral vision, <a href=""> as vision scientist Derek Arnold explained to The Verge</a>. For something like this - black dots against grey lines - your brain simply makes the best guess it can to fill in the information. In this case, it just guesses the dots aren't there. The white in between the grey lines makes your brain think the dots are lighter than they really are. Thus, it just sees more grey.</p><p> "That can counteract the blurry black dot that is actually, physically there," Arnold told The Verge.</p>




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