10 Personal Skills That You Should Immediately Include In Your Resume

Regardless of the professional area, certain skills are highly valued.

Workers who are in the process of looking for a job must know them to use them.

Including them in the CV is the first step in accessing better employment opportunities.

You tried again and again, you spent hours modifying your CV to make it more attractive. Even you installed a program of design for a touch of color and creativity, believing that this would succeed better results.

However, although you send it to as many companies as you can, none of them calls you for a job interview.

No recruiter seems interested in hiring you, and you do not understand why.

Do you need something else with your CV? Is your profile not suitable for the offers? What do you have to do to get hired?

There are many causes that explain why you do not receive the calls you so much expect. But one of the most common, which many workers forget to consider when putting together their CV, has an easy solution: to include skills in the curriculum.

This document should not only indicate the training and work experiences you went through, but also what you can contribute to a new job. And, this is indicated by soft skills.

What skills to include in the CV? The World Economic Forum established in a report what are the qualities that a worker must have to obtain employment by 2020. Below, we point out the essential skills that the organization has indicated:

  1. Leadership skills
  2. Entrepreneurship skills
  3. Sales and marketing abilities
  4. Social media skills
  5. Computer and IT Knowledge
  6. Hobbies and interests
  7. Creative and critical thinking
  8. Negotiation and mediation Skills
  9. Decision making
  10. Problem solving and result oriented

If you want to be successful in your job search, it is advisable that you look for ways to indicate that you have these qualities in your interview, using this instance as a moment in which to reaffirm that you have them.

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