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5 Successful People Who Were Fired Before Breakthrough

Although there are people who want to become entrepreneurs, there are others who need to go through some experiences to realize that their future profession

Some of the greatest entrepreneurs of all time accumulate as many job failures in their past as any other person.

Not all great entrepreneurs start their career to success since they were young, some need to make mistakes first to find their true path.

Often dismissal is associated with failure, but in many cases.

We are used to seeing these big businessmen daily in the media. Not only local, but those that have great weight internationally.

Great fortunes that have emerged from businesses that everyone knows, but everything has its beginnings, and most of them have been humble beginnings and in which many risks have been assumed.

Not everyone has an entrepreneurial character. Some need to go through a negative experience, such as a layoff, to discover that what leads them to the business world.

A failure in the work scene does not have to mean the end of the professional career. It is essential to learn to face situations such as a layoff. One stage closes, but at the same time another stage is open equal or more promising.

This has been taken by many of today’s great entrepreneurs and thanks to it they have achieved success today. But for you to prove it for yourself we are going to offer you 5 great examples of what this philosophy supposes.

Walt Disney

Nowadays it is impossible to talk about animated films without thinking about them. Walt Disney took a while to become the benchmark we all know today.

His career began in a newspaper from which he was dismissed in 1919 because his editor considered that he had little imagination and bad ideas.

Shortly after moving to Hollywood with his brother and began to produce the cartoons that have made him so well known.

JK Rowling

Currently there are very few people who do not know the name of the author of the Harry Potter saga. However, his professional life was not always successful.

Rowling was fired from the Amnesty International office where he worked as an incompetent secretary.

Far from letting himself be dragged down by that failure, he used the compensation money for his dismissal in order to write the stories that have made famous

Oprah Winfrey

When thinking about US television, it is easy to think about this woman. At the moment she is the queen of the talk shows but in her beginnings it got to be farewell of the local television channel of Baltimore in which she worked like presenter and reporter .

The reason? She did not fit well in that television format because she got too involved in the stories she  told.

Anna Wintour

Wintour worked as a fashion editor at one of the best magazines, Harper’s Bazaar, but was fired at 9 months because her ideas were too innovative and different for the editor-in-chief.

Wintour remained true to her style and today is the editor-in-chief of Vogue USA and one of the most influential faces of the fashion industry.

Jack Ma

Today we know him for being the owner of one of the giant of the e-commerce Alibaba. However, before coming to find it, Ma chained a long series of failures both in his studies and in previous jobs, even being fired from McDonald’s.

The rise of the Internet led him, as happened with Jeff Bezos, to bet on the idea of ​​competitive online commerce and now his company is one of the most recognized.

Learning to transform failures into possible opportunities can be the true path to a more prosperous future. Think about it, you may not feel that entrepreneurial impulse right now, but the next time you have difficulty, it may be that way for you.

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