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10 Photos That Will Make You See HIV With Different Eyes

ARV’s help to reduce the danger of HIV virus, a condition that lower’s one immune towards body defense. Stigma brought by the condition can be cured by love and self acceptance.

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If you are not infected, you are likely affected by the either the virus or the stigma. The little we can do is to know our status, share them with our loved ones and remain faithful to one partner.

Did you know that when HIV virus is suppressed in a positive victim, he or she can have a negative kids, without even infecting the negative partner?

We share 10 Kenyan ladies living positive and have confessed to the public. The ladies are healthy, happy and hot like any other Kenyan who might be negative.

1.Doreen Moraa Moracha

The 25 year old sassy lady lives with HIV/AIDS but one cannot tell until  it comes from her own mouth.

This 25-year old beauty queen used Facebook to make her HIV status public. Her reason is incredible

She new about her status while she  was in Primary school.

Unfortunately for Moraa, she was born to a positive mum and a negative dad. Her dad is still negative.

Moraa lives happily, confident and healthy just like any other negative lady.

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“When I was aged 12 and a pupil in Standard Seven. During one of my many hospital visits, I overheard my mum talking with my doctor. All along, I was visiting the hospital, but I did not know what exactly was wrong with me. I heard the doctor ask my mum: ‘When did you discover that she is HIV (Positive)?’’

Since then, she put under antiretroviral drugs. Moraa lives to fight the stigma associated with HIV as a death sentence.

She went public with her status in 2015.

3.Mercy Nduku

From Masewani in Machakos County, 20 year old Mercy Nduku is an advocate for young Kenyans living with HIV/Aids.

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For Mercy, she thinks HIV is not the biggest threat, but rather the threat is based on the stigma that comes with the infection.

She found out she was living HIV positive at the age of 5 after her mum had died of AIDS complications, her dad passed when she was 8 years from the same case.

When she joined High School, she struggled taking medicine based on the stigmatization that would have come when her friends realized that she was living positive

4.Brenda Motsumi

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Brenda is a young lady also who went live and public with her HIV positive status. Brenda believes that HIV is just a condition like any other in the world.

She shared a wonderful message to inspire all.

Good morning, my name is Lebogang Brenda Motsumi aka African Queen. I am not HIV, i am living with HIV. I am not the virus, the virus lives in me. 

I am not defined by HIV, but i define HIV.’

5.Esther Nambalirwa

Esther, unlike many other who said they were infected by their parents during birth, she got the virus from her university lecture.

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Esther has been quoted by media noting that she was cheated on and dumped by her lecture who claimed to love at her Makerere University.

6.Journalist Evelyn Simaloi

She was infected in 1999 by her friend’s ex boyfriend. Surprising the man never confessed to her he was positive.

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Simaloi also noted that the female friend knew her condition together with that of her friend but never got to reveal the same.

She told me that I would regret it, but I dismissed it as just jealousy. In retrospect, however, I suspect she must have known about his status since their baby died two weeks after birth,” Said Simaloi.

She learnt of the disease when she applied for a job and needed blood tests. That’s when she learn when the blood tests returned positive.

“He admitted to having infected me because he was in love with me. He claimed that he was afraid i would leave him. I left him and went to live with his cousin who introduced me to hood rats. Everyone kept hitting on me and I became angry and bitter with men.

7.Renee “LadyByrd” Burgess-Benson

The city woman from Nairobi was first exposed to HIV virus when she was barely 24 years in 2002. She got it on the first night of their wedding.


For Renee, she got it from her husband who had been knowingly living with it for couple of years.

The husband even had an opportunity to lie to Renee, who had had uprotected sex for the first time.

“10 years ago on this date was the first time I was exposed to his HIV. Before this date we had NEVER had unprotected sex. I was very adamant about it. Your wedding night is the time to consummate the marriage. Well my wedding night we did that but he also knowingly exposed me to his HIV.”

Not to mention that even the husband’s mum had warned the two over the status of the husband

From that trip to the doctor when he said his HIV test was negative, to his mom telling me to ask him about HIV and he saying he didn’t know what she was talking about just days before the wedding, to having unprotected sex with his WIFE on our wedding night,

The husband admitted only before a court of law

when the judge said, “we have you on a recorded conversation admitting that you had HIV since 2002″ the lies stopped! I was 24 years old on this day August 4, 2007 and on this day my body was introduced to HIV.”

8.Ruth Kamande Wanjiku

Ruth Kamande, told the court that she killed her lover from the case relating to her man using HIV drugs without her knowledge.

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Ruth was actually saying that she was infected in 2005 by her man who she later stabbed him 22 times.

The 24 year old former miss Langáta was handed with a death sentence

9.Saidy Brown

Even though she is a South African, her story blends well with this article.

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She is a young lady living positive and willing to fight the stigma unlike many other HIV positive victims.

Saidy knew about her status when she was 14 years old during a local school HIV awareness camp.

She is positive with the virus, and so is with her life too.

Saidy Brown

10.Fortue Nosiwe

Just like her mate Saidy Brown, Fortue Nosiwe is one of the jewels of beauty in South Africa.

Fortue Nosiwe, living with HIV/AIDs

Even though she is HIV positive, she doesn’t let her status define her net worth!

Instead Nosiwe has moved from the hospital bed to spread the love and word to those who look down upon HIV positive patients.



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