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10 Phrases To Answer Awkward Questions About Your Private Life

Your marital status, your singleness, your relationship, your family projects, in short, how you live your life, are things that people are interested in. And a lot. We do not know why, but it is so. That’s why we searched for some phrases to answer awkward questions about your private life.

There is a phrase that is useful for all kinds of questions and that you should always have in the bedroom in case you get caught without wanting to answer those indiscreet questions that some insist on asking you.

1 ‘He went for cigar, he will be back’. This answer is ideal for that situation in which you just broke up with your boyfriend and you’re still dizzy without knowing what happened.

2 ‘We are not Siamese enough to be glued to each other all day.’ There are people who have their pulse altered if they don’t see you with your partner at any event. People who have not yet understood what independence means in the life of a person and also in the life of a couple.

3 ‘You will be the first to receive the invitation’. The typical question when you go to a friend’s wedding is when do you get married? A question so boring that you could also turn around calmly and not answer.

4 ‘It’s my life and I set my rules.’ People insist that you follow the marked canons. That you look for a boyfriend, that you get married, that you buy a house, that you have children …

5 ‘I don’t have a crystal ball to guess the future.’ The most daring see you single at a certain age and worry about throwing a metaphysical question into the air. What will be of your life?

6 ‘I don’t need to reaffirm myself with motherhood’. The issue of motherhood continues to give something to talk about at any meeting. That you do not want to have children is the least important for some people who strive to consider motherhood as an obligation.

7 ‘The truth is that I am not looking for anyone.’ The situation is very typical, they look at you with sorrow and tell you: ‘don’t worry, the day you least expect it, the blue prince will appear, a worthy man’.

8 ‘My happiness depends only on me’. ‘So pretty and without a boyfriend?’ These and other much questions become so absurd that you also have the right to answer with some barbarity.

9 ‘I do not wear a watch’. Especially dedicated for those people worried about the life you lead, that ‘you are going to pass the rice’, that the alarm of your biological clock will sound, that you do not follow the conventional steps.

10 ‘I am not afraid to be with myself.’ Really your singleness worries people and that’s why they are distressed thinking that you should feel very bad in solitude

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