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10 Reasons Why Humility Is Important In Marriage

Humility is better known as being humble and lack pride. In marriage or even in relationship, this comes much in hand and has to be embraced in marriages.

Here are 10 reasons for those partners embracing humility .

  1. It makes you easy to be corrected and to grow
  2. It encourages your spouse to be humble. The more you show pride, the more your spouse is also tempted to show pride and stand their ground
  3. It makes your tone and words warm and loving
  4. It fosters peace in the marriage
  5. It makes conversations easier and lighter
  6. It makes you two solve issues faster
  7. It makes your children find it easy to approach you
  8. It opens doors that pride will shut
  9. It keeps your marriage from falling. Pride comes before the fall of your home
  10. It keeps you two from wasting time. Pride stands in the way of development
  11. It makes it easy to forgive your spouse. Ego is what is keeping you from letting go of what your spouse did and making you hold grudges
  12. It increases sexual intimacy. Humble people are sexually attractive and more affectionate
  13. It pleases God and allows God to move in your home. God rejects the proud

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