10 Reasons Why Some People Never Last In Relationships

Your relationship will probably end with one of these reasons

“Always start a relationship by asking: Do I have hidden reasons to want to relate to this person? Am I trying to escape something? Am I thinking about changing the person? Do I need it to help me make up a deficiency in myself? If your answer to any of these questions is yes, leave the person alone, He or she is better without you “- Leo Buscaglia

We are always fighting with love. Most of us have faced a lot of rejections and instead we continue to desire and seek it. These are the possible causes of why many people have frequent breaks.

1 They never fix their space

It’s okay to give in from time to time, sometimes giving in is winning. But if we let it become a habit, you will end up succumbing to your partner’s will and allowing your integrity to be at stake. What ends up being a conflict.

2. They fall in love literally

Love is eternal; the infatuation is hormonal. Many of us fall into it and whimper days later feeling that “love vanishes”. Love never fades, falling in love itself. Love is hard work and you will end up receiving what you give.

3. They are not able to express

The lump in the throat is quite normal when you decide to express your love. Become vulnerable by daring to be honest and you will be surprised by the results. Do not say that your partner has to understand; express What comes from the heart touches the heart.

Never forget that: never be ashamed to show love. On the contrary, be ashamed to feel it and not say it.

4. Understand pity as a way of loving

Being sensitive is a strength but also a weakness. If someone comes and tells us their sad story we tend to lean towards that person. It is perfectly right to love them too, but consider several times if it is compassion or love. Pity and love are very different emotions. Loving by pity is not loving.

Never forget that: love is not feeling sorry for anyone.

5. They try desperately to show their love

How can you prove something that is intangible? Most of us try to prove every time that we love our partner crazy and deeply. And is that love is not to science to prove, it is an abstract feeling.

Never forget that: no matter how much you show, if you do not feel it, it’s useless -and it shows-.

6. They love to achieve a status

Love is not a formula. It does not know about status or social appearance. Love tied to social orders is not love. If love is limited to a business agreement it is not love. If it is bought or sold, it is not love either.

Never forget that: love has nothing to do with opinions or social laws.

7. They have a fixed mentality

We must restructure and adapt our mental plans to understand the paradoxes that life presents us with. Having a fixed mentality results in an anchored thought, which causes problems. If our life changes but our thinking does not, we will never evolve in relationships.

Never forget that: the truth does not exist, there is the interpretation of the truth. And there is one for every person in the world.

8. They try to fill their hearts

“Only an abundant heart can share, and not an empty heart.”

Love yourself and let the overflow of your self-love be shared with others. Empty hearts are dependent and incomplete, while a full heart is unconditional and complete.

Never forget: only full hearts can share love.

9. They try to change their partner

Change is inevitable, but it cannot be forced. And living waiting for your partner to change is stupid. Love embraces imperfections. Let our partner not be perfect, let us love her with all her imperfections. In order to account, he or she will have to do the same with us.

Never forget that: you change when you decide. Like your partner, they will change when he / she decides it.

10. They desperately chase after love

If it is not mutual, it is not love. So stop pursuing and manipulating. Love is like a butterfly: no matter how hard we chase it, we will not catch it. When we are focused on our things is when love rests quietly on us. Do what you like to do and love will follow you.

Never forget that: it is useless to pursue love.

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