10 Reasons You Should Stop Smoking

According to the WHO, there are 1.1 billion smokers in the world and every year around four million people die from diseases associated with tobacco use.

In Kenya, smoking is considered a public health problem, due to the risk it represents for the physical well-being of the consuming population, both passive and active. Here are some of its effects:

1. If you smoke, you can develop mouth, throat, lung and bladder cancer.

2. Smoking reduces the supply of oxygen to the tissues, which can cause heart attacks or strokes.

3. Increases blood cholesterol and with this, the risk of developing cardiovascular disease.

4. Smoking damages and constricts the blood vessels, which affects the entire circulation of the body, including that of the feet.

5. If you smoke and have diabetes, your risk of dying from cardiovascular disease is three times higher than someone with diabetes who does not smoke.

6. Having diabetes and smoking increases your risk of developing kidney and nerve damage.

7. If you smoke, the frequency of respiratory infections increases.

8. Blood glucose rises.

9. Smoking lowers vitamin C levels in the blood, irritates the stomach.

10. It generates insomnia and accelerates the aging process throughout the body.

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