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10 Resolutions That Will Totally Change Your 2021

The year 2020 is definitely the moment when most of Kenyans learned to appreciate what they had rather than what they desired to have.

While at it, corona brought in hard lessons that saw everyone go back to the drawing board of 2020 resolutions .

While many might have postponed them to 2021, it might be a good idea or maybe not.

Here are some resolutions every Kenyan needs to attempt for the year 2021 and no doubt they are doable and not hard.

If you do it properly, you will be the new CEO of success in 2021.

  1. Visit at least four national parks
  2. Spent at least 48 hours before making big purchases
  3. Eat more veggies and cut down on sugars. Besides walk more and drive less
  4. Decorate your home to match your desired goals
  5. Go on a leisure date once every month
  6. Learn every dance that goes viral in 2021
  7. Listen to educational podcasts at free time
  8. Network yourself via virtual rooms
  9. Read a new book every month
  10. Learn to fix something you use so often

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