10 Signs That You Made A Wrong Career Choice

Something inside you tells you that you are not doing what you really like. The results confirm it. With that can you say that you made a mistake in the career? We will see all the symptoms that tell you that what you study is not your thing.

Before we start, YVK would like to clarify that in this note we are going to talk about the most common signs that students have when they choose a career for which they do not have conditions.

This does not mean that they cannot make it. There are many people who study careers that they do not like, but in spite of that, they manage to receive themselves.

Other times, it happens that a student gets bad results and the first thing I think is “I made a mistake in my career”.

This can be an error because there are very difficult careers in which the results at the beginning are often adverse.

Well, now. If you made a mistake in your career, you will identify yourself with all or almost all of the following items.

Signs of career mistakes

  1. Prefer other subjects

What you study day by day you do not like at all. On the other hand, you prefer the subjects that your friends give to other courses at other universities.

You stay reading books or watching documentaries about the subjects of those other careers. You may have learned more about these topics than you have learned about your own career in the last time.

  1. Bad results

Always in comparison with the rest. If you find yourself in a career where everyone tends to go bad at first, then you do worse than others.

You have to be very careful in this item since there are careers that can be very difficult like Medicine and Engineering. So, there is always that there is bad results, that the career is the wrong one.

  1. Slowness in capturing concepts

Again with respect to the rest of your companions. You can see how many others understand topics that take you several hours.

This can happen especially to those who study careers where there is a lot of mathematics.

But, as with the previous item, the bad results, keep in mind that this signal alone is not enough to consider that you have made a mistake in your career.

  1. Do not project yourself in the race

You do not see yourself in three years studying the same thing. You can not imagine yourself studying and passing current subjects and those that follow.

For example, you receive the statement of a practical work that you have done in less than three weeks and you cannot imagine doing it from start to finish because either you are not interested in the topics, or because you do not understand anything.

  1. Ease with complementary subjects

You do better in the subjects that you do not belong to the hard core of your career. Those that have another orientation. Not only that. There you feel better, with more confidence and those subjects are your only relief among so many subjects that you do not like.

  1. Physical symptoms

Every time you have to read the notes you feel something in your stomach that does not make you feel good.

Or when you have a strange feeling of “I should not be here.” This is the clearest signal that you are not doing what you really want. Listening to our body is the best way to get our bearings.

Of course, we recommend that if you have many physical symptoms it is best to consult health professional.

  1. You are not interested in exercising the profession

You say it and you comment it with your companions. Your objective is to receive it, but you are not interested in exercising at all.

As soon as you have the title in hand, you run out of the university to never return and have nothing to do with the profession.

  1. You study that career due to someone else’s motivation

The reason why you study college is by tradition in your family since everyone studied it, or because it is the one you study, or the girl you like, or because they force you to study it or because you liked it the name, but you had no idea what it was about.

Review the article reasons NOT to choose a university career and meditate if you have chosen the race for any of them.

  1. Lack of enthusiasm

The teacher announces that the next class will explain a specific topic and see how your colleagues get excited, how they smile with happiness, how they begin to experience the famous hype, as if a new Star Wars movie was being released. But you do not move a hair.

You are not interested in anything that comes in the next classes … or in the next few years.

  1. You do not revise on your own

Finish the class or finish assignment at home and do anything but something related to the topics you study. You do not keep updated or research anything related.

You are not curious about the least about what you study. For you it is only an obligation and nothing more.


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