10 Signs That Your Partner Is In Love With You

How to know that your partner is in love with you? There are some signs that reveal that person begins to feel something stronger for you and here we help you to detect them in that special person for you.

We all know what it feels like to be in love, but not everyone can distinguish when someone falls in love with one, especially because it is not easy to decipher the other’s feelings.

Signs that your partner is in love with you

These are the main signs that the person who has you in love and in the clouds, corresponds to you.

1. Change your mood

The anthropologist Helen Fisher of Rutgers University is a specialist in studies on romantic love and the reactions of the human brain when it enters this state.

Well, she argues that men in love change their mood from joy to euphoria. Your sleep cycle is also altered, so you may end up suffering from insomnia.

They become more pensive, lose their appetite, suffer tremors and breathe in an accelerated manner.

2. Copy your gestures and / or attitudes

When your partner is in love with you, you will notice that in some moments, like when they walk together, they have some of your gestures,

The reason is that imitating the gestures and attitudes of the couple is an unconscious situation that arises due to the attraction and affection that has begun to feel for you.

3. Visual contact

It may seem a little invasive or intimidating, but when your partner seeks to make more eye contact with you, it is another of the symptoms of falling in love.

The eye contact demonstrates the level of connection that exists between people who fall in love.

4. Increase your confidence in you

When the person you are dating starts to tell you very intimate things and to open up before you to tell you details that only your family or your best friend knows, you can be sure that he is falling in love with you.

5. Your tone of voice changes

Few notice it but a man in love tends to make his voice thicker or lower when he is with that special person.

In the case of women in love, they usually raise their voices when talking with the boy they like a lot.

6. Change your priorities

A person who begins to fall in love will want to spend more time with the person they love, so it is not uncommon for him to cancel football games with his friends or for a moment to leave something he likes very much in order to spend more time with his couple.

7. Listens to you

Normally, men only pay attention to the first 5 minutes of a talk, but when they are in love, they try to pay more attention and remember the things you tell them.

8. Care about your image

When you fall in love, it is likely that you seem to always look good and clean for you. You will want to be comfortable and will care more about your health, job stability and financial well-being to feel more confident with yourself.

9. He is happy

Love cannot be hidden, so you’re likely to notice a smile and a special glow in your partner’s eyes when you see you.

10. Emotional stability

When we are in love, we seek that the emotional relationship is more stable, so that your partner can show greater emotional stability by your side, which means that you consider that his relationship with you is good and that he wants to keep it for long time

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