10 Sources Of Funds For College Or University Students In Kenya

Today in Kenya, there are numerous ways students can fund for their higher Education programmes

We explore some of the common and most popular ways students fund for their college or university education in Kenya

1.Parallel Program

If you are rich and you can pay for your own education program, then this is the best way to go.

This one also guarantees you to take the best course you want, place of study and time to study.

It is also less stressing and causes minimal interruptions during study


Kenya’s government body HELB aka Higher Loans Education board, is the best option if you fail the one above.

However, this one picks students according to their KCSE results and may not favor average or low grade students

One big advantage of this loan is that is it easy to get and allows payment after employment of the graduate .

However, learners don’t get 100% chance to pick their places of study, course and even the course to take


The National Government Affirmative Action Fund (NGAAF) which falls under the Ministry of Public Service, Youth and Gender Affairs is here to finance the students who miss on the two above.

NGAAF works as the CDF – Constituency Development Fund, including the mode of financing

One big advantage of this method is that it does to allocate funds based on the KCSE score, but rather more partial and considerate.

However, the disadvantage is that one has to be already in school before can qualify to apply.

Due to high competition, the allocation is not as big as the HELB or any other loan since it is based on equity for all


It is better known as National Government Constituencies Development Fund

CDF is more like the NGAAF, however it is only accessible to constituency level

It is easier to get this allocation than NGAAF, however the amount is rather small.

CDF is sometimes dominated by political affiliations and members from other constituencies could likely miss out

5.Talent Scholarship

We have those students who are exceptionally talented in sports or other areas such as music or scouts.

Such students could land an independent sponsor or even the college they want to study from with the aim of exploiting their talents.

The downside is that this method is purely based on luck, and it should not discourage you from seeking sponsorship from your talent as long as your sponsor can benefit from the talent

6.Banking Scholarship

Most of top leading banks in Kenya have university programmes for students in Kenya.

The advantage of this fund is that is very lucrative and can guarantee employment in the same bank

However, these banks look only for the top cream in the KCSE results, making it virtually inaccessible for average students

Popular bank scholarships include Equity Bank’s Wings to Fly and KCB Bank scholarships


Famous NGOs in Kenya such as UKAID and USAID are a very good source for higher education funding.

One big hit is that the funding takes care of students needs even during holidays.

It does not choose students based on top marks, but rather best and average

However, the pitfall of this fund comes in hand with levels of wealth, if you are in a well off family, it is not easy to get such a funding.

It needs destitute and orphaned students on many occasions

A big hit of this fund comes in handy due to availability of thousands of NGOs ready to fund for students

8.Government Institutes

Government parastatals such as KYEOP, Ajiri, NYS, TVET, and Polytechnics are a good source of funding.

These comes in handy for all average students who can have their shot to excel in their career.

They are holistic and does not choose based on grades. This kind of funding is also among the top best since it teaches hand on skill courses and students can graduate within months of training and receive employment.

Some are so good that they directly employ their graduates such as NYS graduates joining police force or the army.

9.Self Student Funding

Though it looks unrealistic, this kind of funding is gradually gain popularity.

Many Kenyan students whose funding sources suddenly collapsed mid their career have chosen to be fighter rather than losers.

Many will open small business or do manual works on part time basis, enough to pay for their school fees .

However, it is the best kind of funding since it so stressing

10. Religious Funds

Even though it is not popular, it is so common in today world of funding in Kenya .

Churches, mosques and temples are all good sources of funding for students.

This kind of funding can be accessed via the information office within the church compound.

The big hit of this is that it is more on equity and has high chances of getting the funds

However, is very religious biased and it discriminates members who don’t follow their believes .

Anglican and Catholic are the leading religious groups on student funding

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