10 Steps To Fall In Love With A Difficult Woman

Surely you have met a woman who, no matter how hard you try, does not turn to see you or flatly told you that she does not want anything with you.

You may be doing something wrong, because there are things that are very important for women and maybe you did not know, so take note of these tips.

Just before starting you have to be clear that you should never look at a committed woman, because you would not like them to do the same to you, so if that is the case you should give up, especially if she has already marked a limit.

You are not equal to anyone

A common mistake is to compare yourself with someone else, especially if you know of an ex-boyfriend, as it happens that you do not feel up to the task. Leave that aside, because you are different from everyone, therefore you have something that you like.

Avoid stage fright, because this betrays insecurity and they like the guys who know what they want. With your attitude it might seem that it is not what you want.

Take care of your image

Forget that you are going to see friends on a Sunday morning, because you have to be presentable every time you see the girl you like.

Be careful, it is not an exaggeration, because you will not wear at night if it is an outing to the cinema, this is to give an example, but if you try to always look presentable, this includes everything from shoes to your head.


It does not matter that you also look, not smelling nice you will subtract many points, it is not about emptying the perfume in all your clothes, because this is also a mistake that many come to commit, use a soft lotion and try to get the necessary

Oral hygiene

Your way of life will dictate a lot at this point, because if you have habits like smoking you will have to take into account if she does not like it, because your breath could bother her.

In addition to that you have to wash your mouth frequently, because a bad smell could ruin everything, you cannot turn around to see, it will be very annoying and uncomfortable, so she will run away.


There is nothing more annoying for any person than a lie, so you try to conquer a woman with this type of thing, because your lack of sincerity could be discovered at any time, and this will surely reduce many points.


Forget the vulgar compliments, because there are so many beautiful things that you can say and that can leave you as a gentleman.

Women like to be respected, so you have to take care of your words.

Keep in mind that it is not about saying them at every moment, because exaggeration is not good, only what is necessary.

A date

If you gathered all the previous points it is time to take the next step. Invite her out, if you already know some things about her, choose a place she might like.

Try to ask questions about their tastes and take note of what they say, because here you can get answers that will help you increase your chances.

Knowing that she likes you will have options for a second appointment, details and avoid everything she does not mention.

Do not be easy

If we are facing a difficult girl you have to give yourself your place, otherwise she could only use you, from time to time it is good to say I cannot, but you will have to know when to do it, since there will be times when you will have to be there.

Go calmly

Do not try to take her to bed on the first date. We are in front of a woman who will look for any pretext to “run away”, that is why you have to be clear, if she brings up the subject to the conversation you have to be honest, of course you would love to meet her in privacy, but you will know how to respect the moment

The friendships

After an appointment send some gifts to her work, where all her friends are, because they will be an important role in your conquest.

When she receives flowers or cholates in front of everyone, the question will arise of who you are and what you intend.

If you have done all the above points well, with this last you close with a flourish, just do not hurry to ask if you liked the gift, wait for her to communicate, because you have to make yourself interesting.

By doing this she will know that you are interested, but if she does not send a call she may hesitate a bit, the mystery always makes the situation more attractive.

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