6 Tasty Ways To Enjoy Bitter Lime

Lime, is one of the many fruits which have been denied a chance to be enjoyed on our tables in many ways.

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If they are properly placed on good recipes, bitter lime can turn sweet on various menus. Have a look at them below.

Enjoy it. And feel the lime taste on your tongue as you read through

  1. Adding lime to low key fat Vanilla yogurt, it becomes a very sweet and tasty concoction you will ever taste.
  2. After you have been served or prepared your local fish, lace it with lemon or lime for the best feeling and taste
  3. Add a little quiz of lime water into a glass of water, and enjoy the rest of lime juice from your conformt
  4. Non-creamy soup, add some taste of lemon, and see the result
  5. Are you doing coffee or black tea, do some sort of small lime water, that is a very different tasty tea you will ever enjoy
  6. Fruit salad can be remarkable if done with some sort of lemonade,




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