10 Things You Don’t Know About Caroline Mutoko

Caroline Mutoko is the former presenter of the Big Breakfast program at Nairobi’s Kiss 100 FM. She is currently the program controller at Kiss 100 FM and the group marketing manager at Radio Africa Group Limited.She is one of the most experienced journalist in Kenya. An experience of more than ten years has made her one journalist who makes firm decisions on issues.


*Here are some facts you need to know about Mutoko*

10. She started her journalism career at Capital FM. She worked for seven days a week for six month without a pay.

9. Her ambition as a child was to be a teacher. She wanted to impart on students skills that would enable them fight poverty, which she considered a menace in society.

8. She is a single mother. Mutoko adopted her daughter Theodora Nduku Mutoko in 2011.

7. She is alumnus of University of Nairobi. Her high school education was at Loreto Convent Valley Road High School.

6. She worked as a waitress in several restaurants in Nairobi. This was during her campus days.

5.She is aboard member of Kenya Institute of Mass Communication. She was appointed by President Uhuru to the board in 2015.

4. She was awarded Millennium Torch by Danish government in 2008, to assist in meeting millennium development goal of making a difference in learning environment for girls in rural Kenya.

3. Her first mobile phone was Erickson T18. The phone had a carrier case.

2. Her favorite movie is ‘The Fault in Our Stars’. She feels that the movie touches her personal life.

1. She is a weekly columnist at The Star newspaper. Her Monday column boldly talks about issues affecting the society.

By Felix Vincent

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