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10 Things Life Teaches You When You Turn 30 Years

One of the fundamental things to be happy is personal development, that work that makes you know yourself, keep your self-esteem in good condition and learn from your mistakes.

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These are some things you learn from life when you turn 30. Because experience is a degree.
What you learn when you turn 30

Do not be afraid to go on celebrating years because the experience not only brings wrinkles, but also, and above all, wisdom. Being independent and self-confident does not happen overnight, but at 30 you are sure to get it because you have learned some things.

1 That life is two days. And so almost without giving you account or go from adolescence to being an adult woman with too many responsibilities and without a minute to lose.

2 That there are no blue princes. We give you until you turn 30 to realize that there is no Prince Blue. Although the sooner you fix this truth, the better it will go.

3 That the friends go first. Maybe in your twenties you have hooked on some boyfriend and you have been abducted by him. Thirty is the moment when you realize the importance of your friends, that your friends should always go first than any turn call.

4 That love is not forever. Love is not forever, nor is it like in movies. Love is a jungle in which you are still learning to survive.

5 That success depends on you. We do not want to put ourselves in a manual plan of self-help, but at 30 you know or should know that success depends on yourself and, above all, that success in life defines you.

6 That there are people who love you badly. We do not just talk about toxic couples, but about toxic people who are in your closest environment and are the main obstacle to your happiness. 30 years are enough to learn to distinguish these people.

7 That stable work is a myth. Surely you have heard your parents talk about that thing called ‘stable work’ that guaranteed you a decent salary and for life. Look no further, it does not exist, it is a myth like the prince of the blue.

8 That not by much early rises dawn earlier. Maybe you’ve spent your twenties catching some early morning scandal to go to work and then to study. Well, relax, rest, because doctors recommend sleeping at least 8 hours a day and because getting up early does not lead to happiness.

9 That there is no harm in a hundred years. Okay, you have turned 30 not 100 years, but by now you will have realized that you have enough strength to get out of the most regrettable situations.

10 That you should always have a dream. It is dreams that keep you on your feet, those that keep you going and those that encourage you to be happy. May you never lack a dream to fight for.

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