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10 Things Women Are Asking For In A Relationship

Are women complicated or do they not listen? It seems that these are the possibilities before the usual scene of a couple that does not get to understand each other.

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But what do women want in a relationship? It is quite clear. Do you really want to know?


1 Women want love in the relationship

Women want a relationship for love.

Women do not want a relationship by inertia, nor by interest, nor by dependence, women want a relationship by choice. A relationship for love


2 Women want support in the relationship

Words of love are useless if they are not accompanied by actions that subscribe them. That’s why women also want support in the relationship, giving and receiving, of course. Maybe women are looking at the wrong place and they need more a life partner than a boyfriend.

3 Women want confidence in the relationship

Women want absolute trust in the couple. Trust their partner and let their partner trust them. And not only in a matter of jealousy or infidelity, but in all areas of life, having the absolute certainty that women both love each other well.


4 Women want to have fun

Women want smiles in the morning and laughter in the afternoon. They want to do interesting and fun things with their partner, they want to laugh together.


5 Women want to talk seriously

But sometimes women leave the laughter and demand a bit of seriousness in communication as a couple because the relationship is important. They want to talk seriously, to really talk, as they love. Women need to talk.


6 And the clear things

And women do not want detours, they want things clear. Being able to say what annoys them and what hurts them without fearing a discussion of a couple of those who make history. And they also want to point to the mistakes they make in the relationship.

7 Women want to make plans


Women want to make future plans in the short, medium or long term, it depends. But plans as a couple to know that the other person has , that he thinks about them and that they have a place in his life.

8 Women want independence as a couple

Nor do women want to do everything as a couple because they need their independence and their own space. Women reserve time to be alone with themselves or to be with their friends, to continue doing the things they like, so they do not have to give up anything for love.


9 Women want details


Women want details in the relationship. They do not have to be romantic, that depends on the character of the other person. But remembering the anniversary, taking home some tickets to the theater or making a surprise dinner are necessary to keep the spark in the relationship.


10 And, also, magical moments

With the details are also magical moments, which is what couples are made of. Normal days that become special days, memories that create a beautiful love story, the magic that is made in the present to form the pillars of the past of the relationship and the perspective of a happy future.



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