10 Things You Must Remember Every Day

Developing the thoughts that help you recognize how important you are when it comes to building your life will help you to be able to build that life, the life you have dreamed of. If you do so, you will learn to recognize the power you have to control your destiny.

  Here are 10 positive thoughts that you must always keep in mind:

 1. I can carry the illusion with me wherever I go

You should not be enthusiastic or passionate simply with the things you like to do. You can choose to be one of those people who spread illusion and passion wherever you go.

Not only am I inviting you to get excited and passionate with what you do, but also to transmit that passion and enthusiasm to others. Whether cleaning the windows of your house or talking in public for thousands of people.

 2. I must control my attitude

Thousands of things in our life are beyond our control. You cannot control your past, what other people do, or how the world works,  but what you can control and decide is your attitude about it.

 Having a positive attitude in good times is easy, however, having a positive attitude when things go wrong is something that says a lot about your character and your person.

Always remember that the glass is either half full or half empty, and how it is today is something that depends on you.

 3. I can find a way to make things work

Things do not always go as we expect at the first moment of change. Sometimes many attempts were needed to make things go as expected. Therefore, if you can find a way to make things, you will develop and optimize strategies to overcome obstacles and reach your goal.

Thomas Edison said: “I have not failed, I have only discovered a thousand ways of how to make a mistake.”

 4. The damage and pain will make me stronger

The damage in inevitable; the optional suffering If you waste your time and energy thinking about what could have been and is not, you will never reach your goal.

 Use that hurt and pain and make it a strength, turn it into wisdom. When someone knows what hell is, they will really appreciate heaven.

 5. I have the power to make things happen

Believe in your ability to do things. If others could, why not you? Do not underestimate your potential and ability to make things happen. Whether at home, at work, in your relationships, remember that you are not impotent, you have the power to make things happen, go ahead with it!

 6. I am the result of my decisions

The phrase of I am and my circumstances here are all because the person is not formed by his circumstances, but by the decision or attitude he has taken in those circumstances. If you decide to make good decisions, even in bad circumstances, you will be aware of how powerful you are and how your decisions will subtly elaborate your path to follow, path that you choose how to elaborate and travel.

 7. I have a lot to be thankful for every day

Stopping to think about everything you do not have in life will not get you anywhere. However, attending and focusing on all the good and positive things you have achieved so will you help you focus on what is truly important and productive for your life.

Think about everything you’ve achieved, how others have supported you and valued your ideas. How grateful you felt in those moments. Everything is little to be thankful for, even the fact of being there reading this right now and being able to enjoy it, is something to be grateful for. Related article:

 8. I have the opportunity to try

The world of today offers us a multitude of opportunities. If you do not like your job, get a new one. If you do not like the place where you live, change places, and so on and so on. It is true that today there are many facilities so you have the opportunity to do everything you want. Go ahead for that!

 9. I must be committed to my results

The change does not happen overnight. The adoption and assimilation of a motivational thought that reinforces the need for commitment will help you to stay on your path without losing direction, even when you do not see immediate results. Whether losing weight or saving money to pay for a trip, perseverance and effort are necessary to achieve our goals.

 10. I can learn from my failures

Failure is part of our lives and sometimes even necessary for ultimate success. There are two options: overcome the situation or let her overcome you, what do you decide? For precisely those failures will be tests that you will have to overcome in your path to reach your top, your successes. And it’s never too late to be the person

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